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Special Gifts (Pajamas) for Special (Holidays and Christmas) Times

Holidays and Christmas are here again and so are our special pajamas! It’s just about time to relive the most-awaited days of the year yet again. Long awaited family dinners, visits to the country side, sumptuous meals, gifts-exchange, family gatherings may have already started ringing in your minds! Needless to say, time to be on your toes! So, how do you plan to treat your loved ones this time? Of course, with a rain of greetings, gifts and blessings! Exchanging gifts is undoubtedly the best time of the season!

We all look forward to gifts! Don’t we? Gifts carry a whiff of affection and charm with themselves! To celebrate the same, offers an impressive collection of holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas and gifts for you to spread the cheer among your loved ones! showcases a splendid collection of comfy holiday/ Christmas pajamas, cuddly bath robes, slippers, scented candles, trendy handbags and much more to help you pick the perfect gifts for your cherished ones. Some of our most-sought-after products include family pajamas from Sleepyheads, Snug As a Bug and Papa Bear, Cicciabella cowgirl shoes and Frankie & Johnny pajamas and robes.

Holiday and Christmas pajamas – Incredible gifting options!

The cozy and comfortable sleepwear available at our online store would help you indulge in thoughtful soul-shopping for your special someones. The fun and comfy pajamas available at SleepyHeads would help add a dollop of luxury, relaxation and comfort in your loved ones’ lives. After all, nothing can beat the enchanting allure of a sound and unruffled sleep!

So go ahead, don your favorite pajamas and get set to collect some fascinating gifts in your kitty! Startle your loved ones with adorable, cute and fun holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas and other gifts. Let them know of the special space that they occupy in your heart! The best way to let them know, is to let the gift speak for itself and pajamas are perfect for the same!

Christmas Pajamas – Fun Family Moments

Family Christmas pajamas have become a high fashion statement and with the season coming along swiftly, their popularity is on a rise. Christmas is one of the most special festivals. It is all about bonds, giving and sharing joy, peace and prosperity. But, how can we really make it super special and memorable? Well, what better than planning some really jazzy activities with family whilst in your cozy Christmas pajamas? There are some really fun moments that you can enjoy with your family together.

Here you go:

Baking cookies
– Baking cookies can be one really sweet event that you can try out with your whole family. Everybody contributing their share in preparing Christmas cookies and getting family pictures clicked can be real fun.

Christmas tree decoration – Get together with your whole family in your comfy and cozy holiday pajamas and try hands at decorating Christmas tree. Merrymaking and singing carols can be done alongside.

Christmas shows on television – Watching Christmas shows with your entire family will always revive the feeling of togetherness, unison and affinity. Snuggle and cuddle up in your pajamas and indulge in pure joy.

Create family treasures together – Assemble all fond memories and build family treasures together in your Christmas pajamas. This is a great way to have a memorabilia for each celebration! Your fun Christmas pajamas could be used as a souvenir.

These are some special things that you can do with your entire family to make your upcoming festive season more exciting and memorable. One other thing! Wear family matching pajamas on Christmas click a picture and take part in our matching family pajamas photo contest!

Thinking Pajamas, Loungewear and Sleepwear? Think!

Pajamas, Sleepwear and Loungewear

Pajamas, Sleepwear and Loungewear

Looking for pajamas, loungewear, sleepwear or lingerie? Look no further! offers you a wide line of pajamas, sleepwear and loungewear, bringing together such names as Hello Kitty, Bedhead Pajamas and Robes, Junkfood Tees and Loungewear, and a few of SleepyHeads’ own brands like Frankie and Johnny and Sleepyheads Pajamas.

Why not snuggle up in a Hello Kitty So Lovely Words White Fleece Jumper Pajama? Or settle down for Christmas Eve in Christmas Pajamas with the kids wearing Family Matching Pajamas! You can choose from cute stocking fillers to lovely lingerie, from snug footed pajamas to flirty boybriefs, it’s all at!

Sleepwear, Loungewear and Pajamas – Snuggle up with SleepyHeads!

Scanty loungewear & sleepwear is also available, sporting a hip, retro look for fun and funky pajamas. Even famous names can’t resist Scanty’s collection either, such as Lisa Kudrow and Emma Seaton! This cute loungewear is made for comfort and durability! Or how about some classy Pine Cone Hill pajamas, with fancy floral designs?

Sleepwear has a new name this year, too – Frankie and Johnny! Specializing in low cost, high quality designs, Frankie and Johnny bring you the best in pajama fashion, at a great price! If it’s loungewear, sleepwear or pajamas, it’s at!

So, if you’re interested in some snug pajamas, comfy loungewear or luxurious lingerie then you know where to look!

Pajamas – For A Comfy journey down Slumberland



Pajamas are undoubtedly the most comfortable sleepwear available in this age. When it comes to comfort, coziness and a sound sleep, pajamas are the safest bets! They are not just trendy, they can really help you make the most of your siestas and other leisure activities. offers  you a fabulous variety of pajamas and sleepwear that include Holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas, men’s pyjamas and boxers, women’s pajamas, plus-size pajamas, kids pajamas, family matching pajamas and many more. Browse through our collection of pajamas and lay your hands on some of the most comfy and cuddly sleepwear pieces available on the market.

Pajamas – Ideal sleepwear options

Pajamas have been quite a craze since times immemorial! Ever since their debut, these loose-fitting garments have created a distinguished niche for themselves in the sleepwear and loungewear  world. Needless to say, they are any day far better options than other sleepwear available. Nothing can beat the charm of feeling revived after a sound slumber! Pyjamas help you get exactly the same!

Pajamas act as catalysts and trigger you to enjoy a complacent slumber after a hectic day’s schedule. A sound sleep helps your body revive its physical and mental energy, preparing you for the next day’s targets!

Browse through a new line of pajamas at and make sure that your slumbers are as fun as your awake moments!

Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest at!

Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest

Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest

The matching pajamas photo contest at is on and is sure going to be exciting with all  the entries of people in cute, adorable and snugly family matching pajamas!

Fun, family and pajamas go together and we know how much everyone loves these! The contest has just begun and we hope the creativity and the ‘fun-jama’ moments will be better and better! So what are you waiting for? Get your family, friends, together in family matching pajamas and click (or get clicked) to win the pajamas Giveaway!

Have you sent your matching pajamas moment to us?

If not, then click and send your best family matching pajama picture to SleepyHeads via email at [email protected] and win $1000 worth of Pajamas in the Giveaway. It’s time to freeze best frames by getting together your family, friends, and loved ones. You never know, you may just be the lucky one to take home pajamas worth $1000. Sounds nice, well winning pajamas worth $1000 is just a click away!

You must include information like your name, city and state and contact number. The entries should be submitted by 31st Jan 2010. The prize amount is to be broken down as:

  • $500.00 from SleepyHeads line
  • $500.00 from any other vendors on website

Here is a chance where you can really test your creativity and share your happy family moment with us. Christmas would surely turn out to be merrier than ever in your favorite family pajamas!

Looking for some comfy pajamas for yourself or for your family? No problem! Browse through a variety of pajamas, holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas and kids pajama, family matching pajamas, etc. at

You never know, the family matching pajamas line on our pajamas store may inspire you for the picture! What say?

Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest Announced by Sleepwear Store,

Pajamas and sleepwear store, ( has launched a Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest offering $1000 worth of Pajamas Giveaway to the winner.  To participate, just get a picture with family, friends or co-workers in matching pajamas and submit it by January 31, 2010; 11:59 pm EST. The Family Matching Pajamas Contest is open for applicants who are 18 years or older. Pictures in matching Pjs are to be sent via email to:  [email protected] Further details of the family matching pajamas photo contest can be found at:

The matching pajamas photo contest has been announced with the intent to spread the holiday cheer. Don’t forget to send in your name, phone number and contact information so that you can be informed in case you are the winner of the matching pajamas picture contest.

The winner of the contest will be chosen and announced on February 10, 2010 and awarded $1000 worth of pajamas. The $1000 pajamas giveaway will include $500 worth of pajamas from the SleepyHeads pajamas line and $500 worth of pajamas from any of the pajama brands retailed on the pajamas and sleepwear store,

At the launch of the Family Matching Pajamas contest, Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from commented, “Family Matching Pajamas are just adorable! They are a hit in the holiday and Christmas season as they spell togetherness and belonging like no other holiday symbols. Friends and family together in matching pajamas or even better – matching family Christmas pajamas – represents the loving bond that a family shares and we want to reward just that!” is a leading online pajamas and loungewear store that retails popular pajama brands such as Bedhead Pjs, Tepper Jackson, Karen Neuburger, The Cat’s Pajamas, Scanty, along with the SleepyHeads pajamas line, and Frankie & Johnny. offers a wide line of pajamas, family matching pajamas, holiday pajamas, women’s pajamas, lingerie loungewear, bath robes, beauty and bath products, etc. The Family Matching Pajamas Photo Contest winners will have the option to choose from for any of the pajamas brands available on

“The family pajamas photo give away contest is a special feature to make the holiday season all the more special and joyful. We thought we would offer a Photo Contest for families to share fun-filled moments in their favorite matching pajamas with us and also win something in return! For all interested applicants out there, think out of the box, be creative, fun and unique and you may just win! With $1000 you can buy pajamas for your whole family and bring your family much closer this holiday season. All the very best and wish you a ‘happy family pajamas’ moment!”, adds Jennifer.

The Family Pajamas Photo Contest rules, regulations and other details can be viewed at: The last date to send in pictures is January 31, 2010 by 11:59 pm EST.

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