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Valentine’s Discount Offer Announced by Pajamas Store,

January 20th 2010, Kentucky

A special 10% discount on every order is available at the pajamas and sleepwear store, on the occasion of Valentine’s. The Valentine’s discount scheme will be running through February 2nd, 2010 and can be redeemed by using discount coupon code, ‘SWEET10′ at checkout. Under the offer, 10% discount can be availed on every order of pajamas and sleepwear products from The pajamas store has also introduced a line of exclusive Valentine’s pajamas and gifts at

Valentine’s pjs and gifts include a selection of Valentine’s gifts for him, for her and kids. Women’s pajamas, lingerie, kids pjs, sleepwear accessories such as slippers, men’s boxers, plush robes and fragrances are some of the gift ideas in the Valentine’s collection. Besides Valentine’s pjs and gifts, buyers can also choose Gift Certificates starting from $25 and going up to $150.

Other unique Valentine’s gift ideas from feature exotic bath and body gift baskets from Cucina, Terra Nova and Me! Bath Ice Cream. These can be viewed at:

Announcing the discount, Ms. Jennifer Briscoe, from, said, “Valentine’s couldn’t have been special for us, if it did not involve extending the sweetness to our lovely customers. And here we are with the 10% discount to make shopping on Valentine’s affordable and adorable. It’s raining romance and cuteness at Sleepyheads with a wide selection of Valentine’s pajamas and gifts. So don’t miss out on the chance to shower her or him with some sweetness too!”

The leading retailer of pajamas and sleepwear,, has recently made available the new line of Tepper Jackson bags, totes and accessories in Aurora, Kaleidoscope and Calypso themes.

“From matching pajamas for her and him to some sexy lingerie, Valentine’s pjs and gifts collection brings a lot of cozy affection for anyone who is in or wants to be in love! Looking for that perfect gift for the perfection in your life will be a cakewalk! Whether it’s mushy, beautiful sensual or innocent, you’ll find something to express your love and feelings with our unique Valentine’s gifts.” added, Ms. Briscoe.

The special 10% discount will be running through February 2nd, 2010 and can be availed by using ‘SWEET10′ as the discount coupon code at checkout. Buyers can use the discount coupon code only once per purchase. Valentine’s pajamas and gifts can be reached at:

The pajamas store is also offering $1000 worth of pajamas in the matching pjs photo contest. The family matching pajamas contest currently running at will close on January 31st, 2010. For more details on the same, visit

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajamas brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas.’ pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Crossword Pajamas – Did you spell C-o-m-f-o-r-t?

Crossword Pajamas

Crossword Pajamas

Now who could have thought putting crossword puzzles on pajamas be the next best thing? Adorable and spelling comfort without any assistance (if we may add), Crossword pajamas and lounge sets are a must have for any and everyone in love with puzzles or pjs.

Pajama designers heard the prayers of literary junkies well, when they demanded for a cozy and easy sleepwear expressing their fondness for crosswords. And the world got its first crossword puzzle pajamas!

If your sweetheart loves the letters of your name more than you, then a Crosswords pajama pair may be the best gift for her or him on Valentine’s. Or the idea of a perfect date is solving crosswords, for them, then you just can’t miss the crossword pajamas available at

Crossword Pajamas –  No puzzles only pleasures!

Crossword puzzle pajamas come in a variety of designs and are immensely popular among everyone. From lounge sets to short sets, pajamas and tees, every piece of crossword pajamas and sleepwear is comfy and perfect for leisure.

The next you spend your leisure time, playing a crosswords puzzle, do it in crossword pajamas and you would never want to take them off or keep down the puzzle! Both across and down, crosswords puzzle pajamas are an apparel of pure comfort. Uniquely designed and celebrating the fun of crosswords, the sleepwear is something to be earned like points.

Enjoy your crossword days off from work or scrabble with your family and friends in a slumber party with crosswords pajamas!

Mary Green Lingerie – Sass it up this Valentine’s!

Mary Green Lingerie

Mary Green Lingerie

All the ladies who are planning to step up the romance a notch this Valentine’s, ought to have a piece of luxury from Mary Green. The premier lingerie brand is offering silken and seductive delights for an occasion called love.

Hot designs in feather-like soft fabrics, Mary Green lingerie and sleepwear are glamor dipped and style baked to give you perfect fitting and sexy looks! Using silk, laces, ribbon and loads of sensuality, Mary Green lingerie, pajamas and other accessories may become a girl’s best friend for those romantic escapades.

And if you buy before February 2nd, 2010 then you can get a 10% off on your Mary Green lingerie or sleepwear order, using the discount coupon, ‘SWEET10‘ at checkout.

Mary Green Lingerie – Sexy, naughty and sensual

Women can choose from cute boy shorts to uber-sexy chemises and camis from Mary Green (Maria cross from Desperate Housewives does so) and you will love the love that’s bound to come your way. Not for nothing did Elle, In Style, Glamor, Cosmopolitan, The Oprah Magazine and many many more feature this sensuous yet cute lingerie brand.

Available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, Mary Green caters to taste of different personalities. Whether you want to play nice or go the naughty way, you will surely find something to dress your spirit with Mary Green.

So get ready for your Valentine’s with him with Mary Green and make it more special! Find your romantic streak with Mary Green lingerie and sleepwear. The guys perhaps can play the little devil and gift their sweethearts a bit of sensuality. If not, then, browse through other Valentine’s pajamas and gifts from

Are Valentine’s Pajamas the Right Route to Love?

Pajamas and sleepwear as Valentine’s gifts don’t sound all rosy-sweet romantic but so didn’t teddy bears, chocolates (earlier) and i-pods until sometime ago. But have these become a rage or what? Thanks to the impulse of breaking out of those clichés, V Day gift conventions and old school customs, these not-so regular gifts have become quite a fad! Blame it on the society, technology or the human tendency to adopt and adapt to changes.

So is it still too long a shot for pjs and cuddly sleepwear accessories to be present in the list of most popular Valentine’s gifts? If it’s so, then we are probably ahead of the time, because what we found in pajamas is a worthy romantic thread lurking under all that cuteness. Let’s see what makes pajamas a potential love tart for your sweetheart.

  • Pajamas are comfy so is love
  • Valentine’s Pjs are great to spend the time together – That’s what love is all about being together.
  • Wearing matching his and her pajamas is romantic, sweet and oh-so cute (and not at all tacky as you’d have thought) – If you love then why not show it?
  • Celebrating love in sexy sleepwear (and may be lingerie) and turning up the heat on Valentine’s is well what is needed – Steaming things up is not at all bad for lasting love.
  • Pajamas let you cuddle up even more!

There are other umpteen reasons to put Valentine’s pajamas and cute V – Day gifts on your list. If you got the CD with romantic songs for him, then getting him some comfy men’s boxers or men’s pajamas would be great too! He will enjoy the collection more in comfort and coziness! Or why not pierce her heart with some adoringly elegant women’s pajamas and give her a cute reason to take the day off from cares and concerns.

Our verdict – Pajamas and sleepwear are as romantic as the stars blinking against the dark velvet stretch! Find out what else gets the harp swooning with collection of exclusive Valentine’s pjs and gifts.

SleepyHeads Valentine’s Pajamas – A Kiss of Comfort for Ladies

Sleepyheads Womens Pajamas

Sleepyheads Women's Pajamas

Valentine’s couldn’t have been more special this year! You ask why? Because SleepyHeads pajamas has taken out an exclusive line of Valentine’s pjs and sleepwear for her with prints as lovely as the rose or may be kisses. Lounge sets, chemises, tanks, pajamas in adorable lips white print can be bought from the SleepyHeads collection available at the pajamas store.

Valentine’s pajamas for women from the SleepyHeads line are deliciously soft and comfy. Available in a variety of designs such as long and short sleeves, sleepshirts and white tees, the lips print is perfect to celebrate Valentine’s.

Don’t wait for him to hunt down these love-ables for you, shower yourself with some love and spend Valentine’s day in pleasure!

Sleepyheads Valentine’s Pajamas – Love thy lady

These cute comfy pjs are definitely what will make her heart skip a beat as she opens the red-ribboned box on the V-day. And when you say that something to her, say it with a Sleepyheads Valentine’s gift and see her smile sparkle with that twinkle in her eyes.

Make your Valentine feel as special as ever with thoughtful and full of care Sleepyheads valentine’s pajamas. As for the print she will only be too happy to get dressed for the and in the spirit of Valentine’s!

Wait there’s more, is currently running a store wide 10% discount. Get 10% off your order with discount coupon ‘SWEET10‘ upon checkout. The discount lasts till February 2nd 2010 so hurry before these go off the shelf (as you very well know kisses on Valentine’s are like hot cakes ;))

Valentine’s Day Discount – Get Special Valentine’s Pjs and Gifts Now!

Valentines Pjs and Gifts

Valentine's Pjs and Gifts

Pajamas store, is offering a special discount on the lovely occasion of Valentine’s! Use discount coupon code, ‘SWEET10‘ upon checkout and get 10% off your order! Let your sweetheart have an unforgettable Valentine’s with SleepyHeads pjs and gifts. The special collection of Valentine’s pajamas, unique gifts and lingerie will surely steal your honey’s heart for you! The sweet Valentine’s offer expires on February 2nd, 2010, so hurry up while the love lasts!

Stop fretting and start shopping! Raking your brains over what to get your Valentine will only make you fret more! Why worry when all you have to do is choose from a wide line of Valentine’s pajamas, sleepwear, lingerie and other unique Valentine’s gifts on offer at the pajamas store!

From women’s pjs to Valentine’s gifts for him, select what will provide heavenly comfort and looks to her or snugly coziness to him! And let’s not forget the little darlings on the day of love! Cute and adorable kids pjs are also available! Find something for everyone in the family and spread the love wherever you can :).

Love don’t cost a thing! – Valentine’s Discount on

When J. Lo  crooned these popular lyrics, we not only enjoyed it but made it the theme for this Valentine’s! With 10% off for Valentine’s, making her or him happy will be as easy as falling in love!

This Valentine’s the cupid will be relatively be free, with SleepyHeads Valentine’s gifts and pjs doing the job for him! All the lovely ladies can choose form luxurious Betsey Johnson lingerie and spice it up on the day of love and the guys can please their sweethearts with some Cosabella Sex and the City Lingerie. Not letting the damsels lag behind, they can perhaps get their knights some shiny Mary Green boxers (get past armors, shall we?) or other cute Valentine’s gifts for him.

Don’t forget, ‘SWEET10‘ discount coupon code at checkout! This is‘s Valentine’s gift for its darling customers!

Matching Family Pajamas Contest – Call for Jammy Junkies!

Family Matching Pajamas

Family Matching Pajamas

The closing date of matching family contest is nearing, (January 31st, 2010) is nearing and entries are still clogging up the inbox! So, if you and your family are in matching pjs, then you gotta be on the SleepyHeads site! Or else get those matching pjs out and churn up a creative idea for the perfect family picture in pajamas and you may be the winner for $1000 worth of pajamas!

The winner takes home $500 worth of pajamas from the SleepyHeads line and $500 worth of pajamas from any other favorite pajama brand! The matching family pjs contest is specially for the jammy junkies in all of us! A photograph in your pjs can help you win pajamas for your whole family. Not bad, when the winter is getting chillier and colder with each snowflake!

Matching Family Pajamas Contest – Win cozy snuggles for everyone!

The chance to win $1000 worth of pajamas comes rarely in life, so make sure you don’t let it whisk away that easily! If not winning then the whole concept of family in matching pajamas posing together, sure suggests a fun and adorable family moment!

Family and pjs have one thing in common, both are our comfort resorts in the cold weather. Bringing the two together is like celebrating the comfort, belongingness and delight of life. And the chance to win more pajamas is itself a motivation!

With matching family pajamas, snuggle, cuddle or cozy up together. The matching pajamas contest is a perfect ‘funjama’ moment for you to relish and share with the world :)!

Cosabella Loungewear & Lingerie – Luxurious & Lush

Cosabella Lingerie & Loungewear

Cosabella Lingerie & Loungewear

Recently when Cosabella loungewear was featured on the Oprah show, it literally sparked off a Cosabella popularity campaign (like the Sex and the City appearances weren’t enough)! The word did that get out for Cosabella and got out pretty well (it’s the Oprah, we’re talking about!) and now the ladies can’t get enough of Cosabella! With the Valentine’s only some breaths away, the time would be perfect to grab Cosabella and earn that love!

So we thought, we’d just remind all the ladies, that your pajamas store, has a wide stock of (the now and always) favorite lingerie and loungewear from Cosabella. So splurge and get what the lady with substance just featured on her show. Hike up that hotness with some spicy and sexy lingerie seen in Sex and the City or pajamas and sleepwear made from luscious Italian fabrics!

Cosabella sleepwear, lingerie & loungewear – Fashionable Comfy!

Cosabella is a brand that neither compromises on comfort nor on designs. So what you get with Cosabella is a sweet blend of fashion, finesse and elegance with loads of good ol’ sleepwear special.. comfort!

Available in a variety of designs, patterns, prints and fabulous cuts, Cosabella is essential for the women with a heart to dress her femininity and mind to adorn her curves. Cosabella lingerie drapes around the body like second skin and the sleepwear is like an escape to the heavenly comfy nights.

Before the V day approaches, hint it or say it out loud, but get your Cosabella loungewear or lingerie! This is a special treat that you deserve :)

Canyon Group Chenille Robes – Manufacturing Magnificence

Canyon Group Chenille Robes

Canyon Group Chenille Robes

Canyon Group chenille robes not only manufacture warm and thick chenille bath robes in US but also loads of magnificence! Taking soft and plush bathrobes to a whole new level, Canyon Group gives the world the best comfy bathrobes required for pleasures and leisure around the house.

Mastering the skill of crafting from chenille fabric, the Canyon Group considers manufacturing robes and spa wraps  as much an art form as does an artiste! Luxurious and uniquely designed, spa wraps and bath robes from Canyon Group is a regular feature on the small screen and the silver screen. Remember the robe which made Brad Pitt look even hotter in ‘Fight Club’? You guessed it right! It was a Canyon Group chenille robe.

Coffee mugs, Hawaiian paradise, Dr. Seuss, phones, starry nights,any and everything you dream about is there on a soft Canyon Group robe! For after bath shivers and early morning chill, these warm and plush Canyon Group robes are perfect!

Canyon Group Chenille Bathrobes – Comfort begins with Canyon!

Driven and created by the love for comfort and coziness Canyon Group is the leader among chenille robes and spa wraps. Pajamas store, assorts the favorite Canyon Group bath robes and spa wraps for you to choose from. These absorb greatly and are quick dry too!

Feel like a celebrity in the warmth of plush chenille fabric and adorably cute with great designs on you. With the Canyon Group robe collection, you not only get luxury comfort but the true Hollywood feel!

So get your Canyon Group robes now from Find something for kids, for her and for him! Canyon Group chenille robes will have you fully covered through the cold!

Flannel Pajamas or Silk Satin Sleepwear – To Choose or not to Choose

It’s cold and the chill is is just about to reach the spine? What do you do? Go for the time tested and trusted warm flannel pajamas or take the glamor route comfort with silk satin sleepwear? For many the choice is obviously dependent on the availability. However, the real crisis arises when the choice is to be made while buying some cozy pjs for yourself!

For the conventional old schoolers, a pair of footed pajamas is the ideal pick but for the more fashion conscious there are other things that become priority. For the fashionistas, choosing the fabric of a pajama is perhaps less important than choosing the design, the look and the feel of the pajamas pair against the skin.

So we arrive to this silly-for-some but crucial-for-others dilemma about whether to go for the flannels, cotton or fleece or let the style diva guide us to the silky heavens.

Flannel or Silk Pajamas – Take your pick

Flannel pajamas are let’s just say..your perfect pal for those cold and chilly nights. They’re what will make winter tolerable to you if not enjoyable. Not for nothing, that there was even a movie made on flannel pajamas! Alright not on them but by their name! Flannels are the coziest among the coziest pajamas and hence are a favorite among those looking to conquer the winter chill.

Silk and satin pajamas are probably low on the cozy quotient but definitely the winners when it comes to stylish and elegant sleepwear. People with luxurious lifestyles and high-end taste are usually the ones going for some flashy silk pjs. Perhaps, priced a little too high for budget shopping but the fineness of silk satin pajamas has melted many a hearts!

Found your favorite yet? Neither have we..both are equally helpful when it comes to spending leisure or wanting a moony sleep. Concluding with the confusion, like one at the start, but some more love for pajamas, we let the buyer decide for him or herself.