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Wild Print Pajamas & Accessories – Slumber on the Safari Side!

Wild Print Pajamas

Wild Side Pajamas & Accessories

These wild things (pajamas) will surely make your heart sing! wild side pajamas and accessories in safari and leopard prints simply can’t be missed by pajama lovers. Grab this fiery safari sleepwear from the pajamas store and get ready for a safari slumber!

Fabulous and fiery, the wild side sleepwear includes pjs and robes in leopard prints and safari patterns. Other wild sensations included in the collection are the wild print totes, bags, slippers, etc. Addressing your hidden instincts, this awesomely stylish safari sleepwear will be your refuge from the busy schedules of the urban jungle!

Apart from the instincts, the sensationally stylish wild prints, also address the need for comfort and high-end luxury. Popular pajama brands such as Bedhead, PJ Salvage and others have put together a wild collection for all struggling to find that skin-deep comfort in the city. Now let your natural love for stripes, streaks and spots, come alive! Dress your wild spirit with leopard print pajamas and safari sleepwear.

It’s a Wild Wild Pajamas World!

So why go for regular cute cuddly prints? Step out of your comfort zone and choose something to for the forest fanatic in you! Worried about the fabric? Well don’t, because the leopard and safari pajamas and robes are available in silky smooth fabrics such as sateen, flannel and others. Slumbering will be deadly comfy in the fantastic safari sleepwear.

Feel the softness around your skin and the green-eyed looks of others as they see you lounging in some heavenly comfy wild pjs!

And Safari could be the perfect theme for the next slumber party :)!

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas & Accessories – The Sweet Delight of Classic Comfort!

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny takes you to a world of simple wishes, freedom from busy lives and innocent sweetness. And no, the movie has nothing to do with it. The time travel machine here is a comfy pair of Frankie & Johnny pajamas! Promising a delightful lounging experience and a better sleep, F & J sleepwear is adorable.  Dreaming away to that special place becomes much easier with Frankie & Johnny pjs.

Noted and gladly worn for their precious pajamas prints and designs, Frankie & Johnny has won the hearts of all pajama wearers, big and small. From a cute toddler to a grand mom, everyone can be seen owning a pair of Frankie & Johnny pajamas or if not own, then may be wanting one.

What makes Frankie & Johnny sleepwear so special?

Alright, the name has something to do with it but not everything. The soft and tender flannels, cotton and fleece available from Frankie & Johnny should be credited with the success of this nostalgic and comfy pajamas, robes and accessories line.

Besides pajamas and family sleepwear, Frankie & Johnny sleepwear has also ventured into some cool accessories such as cosmetic bags. Right when celebrities were having a hard time resisting the plush Frankie & Johnny robes, cozy pjs, family matching pajamas and lounge sets, along came the cute and crisp cosmetic bags! Now celebrities don’t have a hard time with F & J, they just buy it :)!

Want some sweet slice of nostalgia for yourself or your loved ones? Then, Frankie & Johnny pajamas is the all-time sleepwear brand.

Valentine’s Women’s Pajamas & Gifts – For Love that Comforts

Valentines Pajamas & Gifts for Her

Valentine's Pajamas & Gifts for Her

Valentine’s pajamas in January! Confused? It’s never too early to talk about Valentines for those crazy in love. is only happy to be among the first ones to start you thinking for her. Others can simply churn up their love for pajamas for this one. offers an elegant and comfy line of women’s pajamas designed exclusively for your lady love. If you considering showering her with perfect gifts on that special day, then Valentine’s pajamas and gifts for her at the pajamas store is a good way to go!

Well you could go with the classic red roses and chocolates but what will really prove your feelings for her is a gift carefully thought and felt by your heart. Valentine’s gifts collection for women includes cozy sleepwear, comfy women’s pajamas, nightgowns, plush robes, sleepshirts and many other pleasant presents that will not only put a smile on her face but in her heart as well.

Make it a Special Valentine’s for Her With

Making Valentine’s special and memorable for her is probably keeping you awake these days. You can plan the starry night escapade or a romantic getaway to an exotic place, but if you don’t team it up with a long lasting symbol of your love (valentine’s gift) then you may be lagging behind a little on that extra-special meter.

We know that money can’t buy love and that’s why Valentine’s women’s pajamas don’t cost a fortune. So even if you really can’t afford a lavish experience for her, then getting her what she needs (some cozy comfy pjs, may be) will definitely win her for you!

Gifts can never be a substitute for true feelings and love on Valentine’s day or otherwise; they are only an expression of them. So make sure you express them with the coziest and comfiest gifts (pajamas and warm sleepwear). Love that comforts is the love that lasts :)

New Tepper Jackson Bags & Totes – Baggage Full of Style & Sensation!

Tepper Jackson Bags

Tepper Jackson Bags

The new line of Tepper Jackson bags and totes will interest more than just your first glance. In prints such as Calypso, Kaleidoscope and Aurora, Tepper Jackson’s accessories include carry all bags, totes, and passport cases.

Loads of color, fascinating patterns and fancy designs define the new Tepper Jackson bags collection available at the pajamas store, Sticking to the motto, ‘Life is better in Color’ the new bags and travel accessories by the premier cosmetic bags designer, Tepper Jackson, has definitely traveled the extra mile.

Travel the Colorful Way with Tepper Jackson Bags!

Choose from the vibrant Kaleidoscope, the brilliant Calypso or the amazing Aurora bags, totes, passport cases, and traveling will become your favorite activity. The inspiration for this Tepper Jackson collection seems to have a psychedelic source.

The word is out and so are the bags, get your hands on some great Tepper Jackson carry alls and totes from The pajamas store takes care of much more than your pajamas and sleepwear needs.

Is Tepper Jackson the way to go? It sure is and these funky travel accessories will attract a lot of attention from onlookers. You won’t mind carrying this (Tepper Jackson) baggage for sure :)!

Spa and Bath Robes at – Slip on the Cozy Comfort!

Bath Robes

Bath Robes

Bath robes were perhaps invented to make bathing easy for us and look forward to a more comfortable after-shower experience. However, they have graduated to much more than just being (after) shower accessories. From spa wraps to bath robes, these plush wears in warm and cozy fabrics have become quite a staple as cover ups.

Getting up in the morning and without slipping into the warmth of robes is unheard of. Even, if you do not have a robe to cover up in the morning, you sure dream of having one! Pajamas and comfort have probably been synonyms for far too long (not that it’s going to change). Nevertheless, giving them a close competition are the comfy robes in warm and ever-so lavish fabrics.

Bath Robes – Choose the source of comfort!

At, you can select bath robes in fabrics such as velour, Cashmiracle, Terrycloth, Egyptian Cotton and other luscious and thick fabrics. What’s more, you can even choose bath robes by color or brand. Whether you want a pristine white robe by Frankie & Johnny or a robe full of pink plushness by BedHead.

Kashwere robes and Life is Good bathrobes are other popular robes offering delightful ease and lush warmth.

Kids’ robes terry cloth cover ups can also be selected from the pajamas store. At, it’s the comfort of the whole family that matters! So choose for your little imp, the man of the house, your little princess or the queen of your heart. You can’t go wrong with robes when it comes to ease.

Favorite Pajamas Pastime – Finding the perfect Pajamas Moment



What’s your favorite pajamas pastime? Never thought about it? There are things in life that we do without thinking and the answer to the above question is one of them. You may have cruised through the day in your pajamas watching movies back to back and probably never realized that watching movies is your thing in pajamas! Or baked delicious delights without knowing that what you are doing is your favorite pajamas pastime! Whatever it is, the essential thing is that it was done in pajamas and may have been the perfect pajamas moment for you or your family.

So shall we take a look at other potential pajama pastimes and find out that perfect pajama moment?

  • We already have watching movies and baking on the list. For men, it could be also be watching sports in pajamas and may be play some with kids.
  • Surfing the Internet, blogging or socializing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Pjs are superb leisure wear to click away to a delightful time or connecting with friends online or may be finding your creative streak.
  • Honing your PS skills in those cute and cuddly sleepwear and pajamas is another favorite pastime that can be the perfect pajama moment for gaming enthusiasts and kids.
  • Lounging! The list would have never been complete without what the majority of us love to do.. lounging around!
  • The last (and may be the winner), is a Slumber party! Getting everyone together in adorable pajamas is definitely the favorite pajama moment of all times!

We have our winner! Let us know if we our favorite pajama moments match yours. Or let us have a glimpse of your perfect pjs paradise.

Emerson Street Nightshirts – A Sleepwear Brand Wit(h) it!

Emerson Street Nightshirts

Emerson Street Nightshirts

Emerson sleepwear definitely brings the ‘funky’ to town! The with it witty sleepwear brand offers an exciting line of fun sleepshirts for any and everyone who wants much more than comfort. Get your favorite sleepshirt at the pajamas store, and wear your attitude to sleep or leisure.

Taking inspiration from the street style and lingo and mixing it with comfortable cotton wear, Emerson is a brand that understands that comfort alone does not make life fun. With Emerson street sleepshirts go to bed smiling or smirking at a witty quote and get up feeling ever more comfy.

Emerson Street Nightshirts – Street smart and comfortable

With adorable (alright.. fun and funky) cartoon prints and even funkier liners, Emerson street nightshirts  are your best pick when you want to bring home the message to someone 😉 or play the little naughty devil. Whatever you feel, say it with Emerson sleepshirts.

Pair them with cuddly pajamas, boxers or wear them over shorts. Made of cotton, these sleepshirts are perfect sleepwear for summers. For winters, put a bed jacket on an Emerson street nightshirt and sleep comfy.

Catty and cool, adopt the Emerson street smart attitude with fun nightshirts and sleepshirts. Little fun never hurt anyone and with Emerson sleepwear it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

BedHead Pajamas – Luxury & Comfort!

BedHead Pajamas & Robes

BedHead Pajamas & Robes

Ever heard of luxury comfort at affordable price? That’s what BedHead pajamas are: fine fashion and even finer comfort. BedHead pajamas with their unique themes, designs and cuts have won the hearts and minds of many pjs fans! BedHead pajamas are crafted with the love and a lot of talent by its founder Renee Claire.

BedHead pajamas are a favorite of many celebrities (quite unsurprisingly!). Feeling like softness draped around body, BedHead sleepwear is a brand that should find a place in your wardrobe. From elegant women’s pajamas, comfy men’s pjs, cute and cuddly kids’ sleepwear, plush robes and wraps, BedHead is a brand that knows how to dress whom.

BedHead Pajamas – Specially made for Comfort & Ease

What could be more comfortable than a cozy bed? Simply, slipping into that cozy bed with BedHead pyjamas on. Obviously a pajama brand that has been a feature in Oprah’s magazine can’t go wrong when it comes to pajamas!

Apart from cute pjs, the premier pajamas brand also has some deliciously warm and plush bath robes.  Among the popular pajamas and sleepwear brands retailed at the pajamas store, BedHead is one of the most-sought after (not shocking in the least).

So don’t wait for the next time you do something nice, treat yourself now with a BedHead pajamas, you won’t be regretting your purchase at all!

New Year Discounts Announced by Pajamas and Sleepwear Store,

January 5th 2010, Kentucky

A special New Year Sale is being offered on all sale items at the pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The New Year discount deal will be running through January 11th 2010 and can be availed by using the discount coupon code ‘SALE2010′ at checkout. With the New Year Sale, buyers can save 40-80% on all sale items available at:

Sleepwear and accessories on sale at include flannel pajamas, flip flops, handbags, lingerie, kids pajamas, plus size pajamas, robes ans spa wraps, mens pjs, etc. The New Year discount deal is limited to stock in supply and the items purchased under the New Year Sale  cannot be returned or exchanged.

The sleepwear store,, retails a vast collection of pajamas from popular pajama brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, PJ Salvage, Life is Good, Frankie & Johnny, etc. also has an in-house pajamas line, SleepyHeads, designed for the family. Footed pjs, flannel pajamas, lounge sets, nightgowns and sleepshirts are some of the other sleepwear products on offer at

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe, representative from on the announcement of the New Year Sale, remarked, “ wishes everyone a very Happy New Year with great discounts on all sale items! Christmas is gone but the cheerful spirit can linger on with our special New Year Sale.” Jennifer further added, “Beginning the New Year with savings, sure suggests good luck for the rest of the year!”

The New Year Sale is offering discounts on leading pajama brands such as Bedhead, David & Goliath, PJ Salvage, Betsey Johnson lingerie and others. The New Year Sale items also include bath and body products, candles and accessories such as cosmetic bags, totes and fluff bags.

“If you missed something during Christmas shopping then now is the best time to get it! With the New Year Sale, you can stock up for 2010 without burning a hole in your pocket! Whether it’s a cute pj, robe or a soft body lotion that has caught your fancy, shop till you drop minus the guilt! Isn’t it a special start to 2010? So hurry, before the stock gets over just like the past year. Welcome the New Year in some fun pjs!” concluded Ms. Briscoe.

The New Year Sale ending on January 11th 2010, can be redeemed by using discount coupon code ‘SALE2010′ at checkout. The sale items can be viewed at:

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajamas brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas.’ pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines.

For Information, contact:

Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

DearFoams Slippers – Float with Comfort on your Feet

Dearfoams Slippers

Dearfoams Slippers

What comfy is to pajamas will what soft and plush Dearfoams slippers become to you. It’s just a matter of slipping into these wonderful slippers once and you’ll never want to take these off (at least till the temperature dips continue). Redefining comfort for feet in their own way, Dearfoams slippers offer a variety of slippers for women and men.

There are so many times during the day when shoes seem to be nothing but dead weight for feet. Wear these ever-so soft slippers to pick stuff from the market or a short stroll: Dearfoams slippers come with rubber sole for both inside and outside use. What’s more, the price of these warm slippers will please you even more; not just warm, these slippers are affordable too!

Slip into warmth with Dearfoams slippers

From clog to moccasin slippers, Dearfoams has everything that will please your feet. Available in microfibre, velour, fur and terry, Dearfoams slippers are ideal for icy winters. If summers have fashion flip flops ruling the charts then winters are impossible without soft and comfy Dearfoams slippers.

Walking would be just another delight in these cozy and comfortable slippers. With these slippers perched by your bedside, getting out of the bed (only to slip into more ease) won’t be difficult at all.

So put those Dearfoams slippers on and float through winter! Cold outside doesn’t always mean cold inside.