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Big Feet Footed Pajamas for Big Comfort

Big Feet Footed Pajamas

Big Feet Footed Pajamas

The adorable onesies or the cute and comfy footed pajamas have been everyone’s favorite since the first time pajama lovers discovered them. From teeny toddlers to full sized adults, any and everyone can snug in a footed pajama perfectly. Taking the lead in making these cozy pieces of sleepwear, Big Feet offers the best in footed pajamas for women, men and kids. These warm footed pjs by Big Feet are probably your most favored companion during chilly winters.

Footed pajamas by Big Feet are available in warm fabrics such as fleece and flannel. Fun colors and themes is another highlight of this cuddly pajamas line. Big Feet footed pajamas apart from being warm, cozy, comfy and cuddly are a classic in their own right!

Bigger, better comfort with Big Feet footed pjs!

One of the most popular pajamas brand and rightly so, Big Feet has found a lot of love with the who’s who of the celeb world. From Taylor Swift to Bill and Hillary Clinton, many known figures have perfectly fit into Big Feet footy pjs.

The plain and plaid footed pajamas by Big Feet have, let’s just say, found a secured ‘footing’ in every pjs lover heart. Big Feet pajamas with feet bring the nostalgic footed designs from yester years and combine them with soft and cozy fabrics to give a footy delight like no other.

Big Feet leaves a good mark with every footed pajamas pair. If like all others you would want to go down the memory lane as well, then these footed pajamas are your best pick. Find your best fit in Big Feet footed pajamas and enjoy the dreamy comfort in chilly days.

Lounge Around in Relaxing Loungewear



Lounging is sometimes a necessity (especially after stressing and working round the clock) and sometimes a privilege, when there’s an unexpected break from work or you call in a sick day. But lounging in loungewear from is definitely a luxury. Now making it a necessary luxury or a privileged one is totally up to you. loungewear is simply a good reason to take a break from a crazy schedule.

Doing nothing is fun and comes easy when popular pajama brands such as Hello Kitty, Frankie & Johnny, Cosabella, D’Lish, Life is Good, Munki Munki, PJ Salvage, Scanty and Sleepyheads are offering cozy and comfy loungewear. We all know taking a break isn’t bad and to take away the guilt (if the break arouses any), offers the some of the best in leisure wear.

Live life lounge like with Cute Loungewear!
Lounging around does not always have to be about doing nothing! When the comfort’s good, why not indulge in some productive thinking and catch up on all those long forgotten desires and dreams of yours? Or how about spending time with your family and revisiting a hobby from childhood?

See lounging around can be much more than ‘nothing’ (which is fun too). With snuggly lounge
sets and leisure wear for women, kids and men offered at the pajamas store,, dress your whole family in comfort.

Make your pick from popular loungewear now and live life lounge like. :)

Get Pajamas, Sleepwear and Gifts at the Price you Want!

Shop By Price

Shop By Price

If you thought we only got you favorite pajamas and sleepwear, then you need to look at our Shop by Price! Not only understands your pajamas and sleepwear needs but also your budget. Keeping both the convenience of customers and the passion of pjs lovers in mind, the Shop by Price section lets you shop for pajamas, sleepwear and accessories according to your spending wish.

From sleepwear to lovely gifts, find what you heart desires, under $30, under $50 and under $75 categories. Get women’s pajamas, kids sleepwear and pjs, loungewear, bath robes, sleepshirts, t-shirts, lingerie and chemises, slippers and socks for prices ranging from $30 to $75.

What’s more? If you are looking for a perfect gift in different price ranges, then get gifts in your budget.’s gifts include bath and body products, gifts for Bride and Groom, eco-friendly products, special gifts for Moms to be, handbags and accessories, and much more! Did we mention slippers and travel accessories? There’s just no end to gift ideas at our pajamas store! All the gifts on offer are categorized according to price ranges – under $30, under $50 and under $75.

Shop Wisely at – Shop by price
With the Shop by Price option at the sleepwear store, make sure that you don’t miss out on a rarely economical and wise shopping spree. So let your wishes loose but not your wallet and buy what you please, dream or wish.

Having being in the business of dreamy delights for quite sometime now, we know what dream shopping is all about – the best things in the least of the money!

So go on indulge yourself a bit, it won’t hurt your pockets at all :)

Top 5 Must-Have Sleepwear Accessories



Have you ever shopped exclusively for sleepwear accessories or just put them in the basket with pajamas and loungewear? Not all among us get excited about buying flip flops, socks, sleep masks, cosmetic bags, gym bags, totes, etc and more often than not combine them while buying other “important” stuff such as pajamas, lounge sets, etc. There’s no problem with this and no change is expected in the order of the priority list. However, it’d be great if we could all appreciate accessories once! (Sounding a bit weird?) Read on..

Sleepwear accessories don’t just look cute but add a lot to comfort as well. They are useful and also lend greatly to your look in pjs! In winters pajamas look incomplete without socks (unless they are footed pajamas) and summers without sassy slippers and fashionable flip flops seem unimaginable!

Getting back to the point that sleepwear accessories simply can’t be ignored. Following are the top 5 sleepwear accessories that are a must-have!

Socks – Cute, colorful and warm; socks are one of the most important accessories in the world. Their importance is much under-rated. Whether winters or summers, socks shouldn’t be kept out of anyone’s shopping list!

Slippers and Flip Flops – Ah! The comfort of roaming in those oh-so soft slippers and flip flops, letting the air gently caress your feet. There are times when putting down the shoes is just what you need and these slippers are a perfect excuse!

Lingerie – Comfy sleepwear with comfy and sexy lingerie just doubles up fun of doing nothing and leisures.

Boxers – For men, comfort probably means spending the whole day in boxers! So just couldn’t keep them out of the list.

Sleep Masks
– Talking about sleep, how can sleep masks be out of the conversation for long? Don’t we all just love blocking out the world and getting lost in the dreamland. Sleep masks sure can’t be irrelevant!

If you still think that sleepwear accessories are extra expenses, think again!

Most Popular Pajamas on – Get the Best Now!

Most Popular Pajamas

Most Popular Pajamas’s Most Popular Pajamas collection is just what defines the ‘popular’ in popular pajamas! Choosing pajamas isn’t really hard. Most of us know what fabric to choose or the best design to go for. However, there are pajamas that become hot favorites right from the time somebody spots them. And in no time everybody wants them!

The best in the business of making dreamy comforts (read cuddly warm pajamas) are available at one place, From popular pajama designs such as footed pajamas, lounge sets, loungewear to popular pjs brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, Betsey Johnson, Life is Good, Kashwere, PJ Salvage, etc, takes care of all your pjs needs.

Popular Pajamas – Wear Superior Comfort

Popular pajamas are not just cute or have famous designs or patterns. What sets them apart from the crowd and makes them hot favorite is their superior comfort and quality of fabric. So much so, that even celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria Parker and many others who not only matter but rule the popularity charts, can’t get enough of such lovely pajamas.

Pajamas, robes and other sleepwear accessories adored and loved by all are assorted at’s Most Popular Pajamas just for you. If pjs are not your sleepwear (impossible though!) then choose from hot favorite bath robes, lingerie, accessories such as handbags, totes and much more!

Think pajamas are common sleepwear apparels? Then check out popular pajamas at which separates the best pjs from the rest.

SleepyHeads New Year Sale – Start the New Year with Savings!

New Year Sale

New Year Sale

If our Christmas discounts on pajamas and sleepwear accessories gave you reason to smile from ear to ear then our whopping New Year Sale will be a perfect head start to your 2010! There’s not a better way to wish customers and pajama lovers everywhere a jammy and funtastic New Year than discounts on pjs! Use discount coupon code, ‘SALE2010‘ at checkout to avail the offer.’s New Year Sale will be running through January 11th 2010 which means you gotta hurry before anyone else whisks away with your favorite pair of thermal pajamas or a funky sleepwear accessory. Choose from flip flops, pajamas, handbags, chemises, boxers, flannel pajamas, nightgowns, sleep shirts and lounge sets, robes and spa wraps, and everything that spells comfort for you and is available at! Browse through to get your cute pj or sassy sleepwear accessory.

New Year Sale at SleepyHeads – Time to splurge again!

Who says the Christmas shopping binge can’t extend to the new year? It very well can! Get any and everything that you couldn’t get your hands on during the Christmas shopping. There are kids pajamas, sexy lingerie and undies, plus size pajamas and other heavenly comfy sleepwear products on sale.

The new year discount includes 40% – 80% off on original prices! The only thing better than this is you spending your leisure in comfy cuddly pajamas from our pajamas store!

The stock is limited so avail the offer now before it ends or you make a resolution to spend less in 2010! If you have already resolved, then let the New Year Sale at play the devil and tempt you to breakaway from it (only thru’ January 11th 2010, though) :).

Have a Happy Happy New Year!

Here’s a Cuddly Pajamas New Year Wish from



As we welcome 2010 and make (or break) some more resolutions, let wish every pj lover a very very warm and happy 2010. May your comforts become comfier, moments become jammier and above all, the year rings in more happiness than you hoped for!

Pajamas are a real delight, especially when it comes to spending those hard-earned leisure moments with loved ones. No wonder that ‘spending more time with family’ tops the resolutions list for many.

If you are also treading the same path then let our matching family pajamas come to your help.’s line of matching family pajamas will ensure that at least this among your resolutions is taken care of; because our pjs will make you want to have a family moment together. :)

So what else can pajamas help you with? How about relaxing? Worked yourself off in 2009 or stressed a little too much, then let pjs make you catch that moment of rest as soon as possible and gear up for the journey through 2010.

Catching up on life is very important and to do that at the start of a new year will only better your strengths. So why not do it in some comfy, cuddly pajamas? The relentless winter chill is sure making head ways for some warm pajamas.

Get your pajamas from and have a comfy year ahead!