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Turkish Adult Robes – Feel Spa-like Comfy

Turkish Robes

Turkish Robes

Turkish terrycloth robes and bath robes are not just bath robes but fabrics of cushy comfort and spa-like luxury. Made from terry cloth, both Turkish adult and children’s bathrobes are as fluffy as a cloud. Spas and luxury hotels have long had the monopoly of keeping heavenly soft and plush robes but with Turkish terry bath robes, now you can own your slice of comfort without having to go to expensive hotels or spas.

Slip into Turkish luxury baths robes and make them their staple for after shower leisure. Turkish robes and wraps come in a variety of colors and sizes. Turkish Adult and Kid terry cloth robes are one of the most popular robes on offer at and undoubtedly so! The plushness and the feather-like softness is just one of the features of these quick dry and absorbent robes.

Turkish Adult Robes & Terrycloth Coverups – Specially For You!

Turkish robes are available in a lot of colors too! From soft beige to the vibrant purple, green and red. Also in pristine whites and woody browns, these terry bath robes simply redefine comfort. Treat for the young and delicate toddlers, Turkish kids terry robes and cover ups come in beautiful colors.

Designs such as hooded and collared can be bought in too-good-to-get-out-of Turkish terrycloth fabrics. Get your favorite robe in fabric now and enjoy leisures like never before! Once you slip these comfy robes on, you’ll have a hard time taking them off.

Treat your body to the luxury of high-end spas sans the expensive trips to luxury hotels. Or better enjoy a spa-at-home day with your whole family. Buy these Turkish dreams (terry bathrobes) for everyone!

Top Selling Pajamas on SleepyHeads – Are You In One?

Top Selling Pajams

Top Selling Pajams

Pajamas from have found a wearer in almost every part of the country but have they found one in you? Below are the top selling pajamas from, see if they tickle your comfy bones and pester you to get some.

  • SleepyHeads Lips White Lounger Pajamas set – The appearance on the Today Show literally put these cute and kiss-comfort pajamas right on the top! Now women can’t seem to get enough these pjs delights even after Valentine’s.
  • Hello Kitty Wraps and Pajamas – Cute as a kitten applies perfectly to this cute line of pajamas and sleepwear. Hello Kitty pajamas and sleepwear for the spring is something to adorn and feel great in for every girl.
  • PJ Salvage Wild Prints Pajamas – With Cheetah prints, these pair of sexy and stylish pajamas from PJ Salvage is rating high for both stylish pajamas as well as sexy loungewear.
  • PJ Salvage White Lounger Cupcake Pajamas – PJ Salvage it is again but this time without the wild side. These cute pjs with sweet nothings on them are just what will make women swoon.
  • SleepyHeads Daisy Pajamas – Floral prints for women; these pajamas are simply said..beautiful and comfy!

Other top selling pajama brands and sleepwear accessories are The Cat’s Pajamas, Snoozies Slumber Socks, Twinklzzz boxers and cami, Bedhead and Frankie & Johnny and others.

See what you want to don on when comfort is on your mind, at and get your favorite today! Or if the above are not to your taste then buy from other varieties of pajamas, lounge sets and more!

Save 30 – 70% on Pajamas, Sleepwear and Accessories

SleepyHeads Sale

SleepyHeads Sale known for providing comfort through sleepwear, pajamas and useful accessories, now brings a special comfy treat for the wallet! Some of our products are available at discounted prices and are the discounts great or what! You can save about 30-70% on pjs and accessories! Ready to buy comfort and cuteness at affordable prices, then check out the sale items at: The Bedhead 30% discount is running too! All these…. discounts too hard to resist, aren’t they?

Lingerie, flannel pajamas, nightgowns, sleepshirts, robes, spa wraps, tees, loungesets, slippers and flip flops and many more things you may need are available at marked down rates. The cut down prices are already displayed and no discount coupons are needed for this.

How many times you needed or liked something to your hearts content but was never able to buy it? Well it happens with most of us that what we want to buy is never available on discount. Not anymore, because the pajamas store brings to you the ‘save while you shop’ offer! Sale – Not Forever but here now!

Contrary to all wishes, the sale will not really be an ‘in-to-the-eternity’ thing, so it’s better that you act fast and buy now. Discount sale is limited to stock in supplies, only.  So you must hurry as others are not waiting.

Featuring a lot of variety, great fun designs, pjs patterns and comfy sleepwear offered in the sale has something for every wearer and user. Choose from handbags, totes and other cool accessories and pay what pleases your heart and not wears up your mind. The kids pajamas are available too, so don’t fret not being able to buy for your toddlers.

With sale splurge on and sleep on. Sleep without worrying about digging a hole in your pocket!

Hello Kitty Spring Collection – Pajamas & Sleepwear for the Sweet Season

Hello Kitty Spring Sleepwear

Hello Kitty Spring Sleepwear

Hello Kitty sleepwear for spring is here and is it cute or what? Playfully sweet and a little on the naughtier side, girls are going to swoon over the Hello Kitty loungewear spring! Lounge sets, short sets, boybriefs, lovely tanks and adorable kitty camis are available in dazzling colors for the colorful season.

From dreamy pinks to the jazzy blues and cool animal prints, this spring be as vibrant as you can! The soft and smooth fabric of Hello Kitty sleepwear would be perfect for the season of cool breezes, refreshing weather and great temperature. Thinking of a late night spring party? Then the Hello Kitty pajamas for spring has to be part of your wardrobe!

Spring is already knocking on our doors and to step out of the covers dressed in the colors of the morning and the season would be well too chic! Get cuddly women’s pajamas, short sets, lounge sets from Hello Kitty to celebrate the freshness of spring by lounging around.

Hello Kitty Spring Collection – Be Catty this Spring

Hello Kitty sleepwear for the spring is going to be the perfect apparel for the spring slumber. With oh-so cute kitty patterns and chic designs, the sleepwear captures the sexy, cute and sweet spirit of a girls. Moving on from frills and bows, the spring collection offers much more than simple loungewear. The kitties have definitely not let the style go out of the window with this one.

Comfy tees with perky sweet kittens on them and matching or not-matching boy shorts, boy briefs, cami, capri pants, what else could a girl ask for? Who says you can’t look attractive in pajamas?

Shop from Hello Kitty spring collection now and enjoy lounging around in spring! It would be raining slumber style this spring with great pajamas and sleepwear from

Candles and Home Accessories from

Candles & Home Accessories

Candles & Home Accessories

Assorting pajamas is fun but venturing into some of the things that make spending time in pajamas even more fun has its own charm. So here it is, a cute and creative collection of candles, fragrant candles, mugs, cool accessories and much more from sleepwear store,

Right from domestic gear (for her or him) to knick-knacks (including Aunt Sadie’s and Kashwere candles), the pajamas store provides something special for special moments around the home, the kitchen and much more.

If you have a penchant for gloves, aprons and other domestic gear then we have just the thing for your sweet passion with adorable gloves, aprons and oh-so dear-looking mini aprons available. And not forgetting the man of the house; NFL mugs and mugs to delight and surprise him are available too!

Accessories from – Cuteness is on sale!

Cuteness is on sale so why not buy it? Thinking of making something really nice for the weekend? Make sure you do it in a cute pink or a polka dot apron for that extra-special punch and taste in your cooking. When you look good, you cook great! Otherwise just steam up the ambiance around the home a bit with Kashwere candles or Aunt Saide’s candles. We also have great aprons for men who create magic in the kitchen :)

Fragrances for home from The Thymes and Seda France candles are also on offer. Get towels, potholders, whatever you think is needed in the kitchen or around the house. assures you that you will find accessories not only suitable to your need but also liking, taste and attitude!

Enjoy being around the home more with these cool accessories from the pajamas store. A home is made by the two of you and sleepyheads knows that. Get precious-to-heart accessories, candles, fragrances for both him and her today!

Plus Size Pajamas – Size Matters When It Comes To Comfort!

Plus Size Pajamas

Plus Size Pajamas

Now pajamas are definitely comforting but what if you don’t get your size? So you pulled it on somehow but would you really enjoy spending your leisure or sleeping in them? Guess not, so why trouble yourself when you can choose from better options? With plus size pajamas and loungewear get what you would feel perfect in.

Like all other pajamas, plus size sleepwear is as real a comfort as there is, perhaps more because it is plus size! Now you really don’t have to bother trying on different sizes just to get the perfect fit and feel, just shop for comfy plus size sleepwear and you’ll be relishing the plus size pleasure coming your way.

And newsflash for those who think that plus size pajamas are nothing but baggy, over-sized and completely-out-of-the-hot zone apparels, because plus size loungewear from offers plus – size fashion appeal too!

Plus Size Pajamas – Forget Plus, it’s comfort multiplied

Bedhead, Frankie & Johnny, SleepyHeads, Carole Hochman, Karen Neuburger, Softies by Paddimurphy and others have made available their deliciously sweet sleepwear, plush robes, luscious spa wraps, comfy pajamas in plus sizes. Choose from a great variety of designs, fabrics and pjs patterns and get your favorite pjs pair in the size that fits you the best!

No prizes for guessing that the plus size pajamas are super cute too! Shortsets, nightshirts and flannel pajamas in plus sizes are also available, so spending night or your leisure will only be too comfortable to get out of it.

For rest and stress-busting ease at the end of the day, nothing beats the soft snuggles guaranteed by pajamas and sleepwear.  Shop from right now!

Presidents’ Day 15% Discount Announced By Pajamas Store,

February 15th 2010, Kentucky

15% store wide discount for Presidents’ Day has been offered by pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The 15% discount offer will expire on February 22nd 2010 and can be redeemed by entering the discount coupon code ‘PRESIDENTS15′ at checkout. The pajamas store is also running a 30% discount deal on selected Bedhead pajamas. Bedhead pajamas and sleepwear on sale can be viewed at

The Presidents Day discount can also be availed on the sleepwear products already marked down  such as the Bedhead pjs and accessories. The sleepwear store has also introduced an exclusive line of pajamas for the spring at:

The store wide 15% discount deal is valid on all sleepwear items, robes, bathrobes, lingerie, loungewear handbags and other accessories available at Popular sleepwear brands retailed on the site include Bedhead, Munki Munki, Hello Kitty, etc. The in-house pajamas line Sleepyheads and Frankie & Johnny sleepwear are also part of the inventory at

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe, from, said, “Well it’s Washington’s Birthday and a gift is necessary, so here’s one for our customers to enjoy their holiday even more! Splurge on sleepwear and cozy pajamas and have fun while the discount offer lasts. And right after the President’s Day, Fat Tuesday will be knocking on the door, so gear up for the carnival with some funky stuff from!”.

SleepyHeads pajamas included in the spring collection are available in cotton fabrics and are designed with floral and spring patterns.

“After the Valentine’s weekend, comes the Presidents’ Day and following it is the Fat Tuesday. With so many occasions to celebrate and exchange gifts, Sleepyheads made sure that you had enough reasons to shop as well! Use the discount to get Sleepyheads pajamas featured on the Today Show or get pjs that famous celebrities sport in various sitcoms and shows!”

President’s Day 15% discount deal can be availed by using ‘PRESIDENTS15′ upon checkout from February 15th through February 22nd 2010. Bedhead pajamas and sleepwear products and accessories are already marked down on the website. 30% discount is available on Bedhead pajamas, loungewear and accessories.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajamas brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas.’ pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines. Free Ground Shipping in also offered at the pajamas store but is not available with any other discount offer. For Free Ground Shipping, the coupon code is ‘FREEGROUND’.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Cartoon Pajamas – Funjamas from!

Cartoon Pajamas

Cartoon Pajamas

What is cuter than pajamas? Cartoon pajamas! These adorable and tooney pjs are simply too good to resist! From Dr. Seuss to the Grinch, these naughty and some notorious cartoons have found a special place on cool casual sleepwear and tees. Get special cartoon pjs from and enjoy detouring to your childhood in your dreams.

Cartoon pajamas, tees and loungewear is available from Hello Kitty, Junkfood at the pajamas store. And these are not just for kids only! Get cartoon character lingerie, pajamas and chemises for women or cute boy shorts with your favorite toon on it.

Move over comfy because pjs are now cartoony! Goofy characters from Flintstones, Sesame street and other classics such as Dr. Seuss and the Grinch have made this special line of sleepwear  super cool for anyone who loves to smirk, giggle and likes to hang out on the funnier side of life.

Cartoon Pajamas & Sleepwear – Toon-it-on!

Get the fabric full of fun and enjoy snuggling around in pjs with your favorite character. All those who think they are way too grown up for these pajamas, can shop for other pajamas from Others who still love to take fun trips down the memory lane or nourish the kid in their hearts, ought to get cartoon pajamas.

These can be used for a slumber party too, especially if you have a family gathering coming up. Kids just love cartoons and this cuddly sleepwear will make the perfect theme for a slumber party.

Moms and dads can enjoy sharing some happy moments with their kids by dressing in kids’ favorite cartoon character pajamas.

Psst.. there’s more.. if you buy before February 22nd, 2010, and enter discount coupon ‘PRESIDENTS15‘ upon checkout then you’ll get 15% off on your order. So hurry, buy some cartoon pajamas: If you’re a kid then have fun with your favorite toon star, if you’re not then relive the toony madness once again!

SleepyHeads Pajamas Line for Spring

SleepyHeads Pajamas Line

SleepyHeads Pajamas Line

Sleepyheads pajamas line for spring is here! Spring is soon going to bloom and the lovely floral, spring prints and soft as the breeze, fabrics will be floating around everywhere. SleepyHeads pajamas in floral, clouds, lips prints are included in the SleepyHeads line of pajamas for the spring season. Shop for Sleepyheads spring pajamas line and get 15% discount with ‘PRESIDENTS15‘ on checkout. The pajamas store is offering a special discount on Presidents’ Day through February 22nd 2010.

Pajamas from the SleepyHeads are available for men, women and the whole family! Choose from lounge sets, camis pajamas and shorts in 100% cotton fabric. Designed to please the wearer, these pjs will make your spring comfier than ever before. The fun and funky patterns of these cute cotton pajamas are pure pleasure-filled bliss for the beautiful seasons.

Shopping on Fat Tuesday would be so much fun with SleepyHeads pajamas, spring collection.

Sleepyheads Pajamas – Look Cute Feel Better

These cotton pajamas in spring patterns and designs are ideal for a nice time in the yard, enjoying the fragrant air flowing about. Enjoy the loveliest time of the year in the one of the loveliest cotton pjs! Whether it’s enjoying a nice book in the front yard or simply taking a stroll in your backyard, these comfy Sleepyheads pajamas will make spring time as joyful as ever.

Go for family matching pjs and have fun sitting together or indulging in some early morning madness! Whatever you do, enjoy it in SleepyHeads pajamas.

The 15% discount offer will be running from February 15th through February 22nd 2010. Make your pick at the pajamas store and have a nice time collecting the memories of the spring time and making new ones too!

Presidents’ Day 15% Store wide Discount on Pajamas Store,

Presidents Day Discount

Presidents Day Discount

How are you celebrating Washington’s Birthday? Just relaxing or relaxing in heavenly comfort with pajamas? Don’t have good ones on you then visit and avail 15% discount on entire site announced specially for Presidents’ Day! And if you thought the special discount offer is available only for February 15th 2010 then it’s time to be pleasantly surprised because the Presidents’ Day discount will be running for the whole week through February 22nd 2010. Enter discount coupon code ‘PRESIDENTS15‘ at checkout to enjoy the cut down on prices. Could you ever imagine that Washington can actually be responsible for cutting down prices? Well it is at our sleepwear store. is also offering a 30% discount offer on selected Bedhead pajamas also! Know somebody who shares their birthday with Washington then pjs or any comfy casual wear would be a perfect gift for them. From pajamas to slippers select anything and get a 15% off on the item from February 15 through February 22nd 2010.

Presidents Day Discount at Pajamas Store – Federal Holidays are Fun

For President’s day and for all other holidays and leisure moments, pajamas are a great option. After creating a great buzz on Valentine’s day, is all set to rock the Presidents’ Day too! Don’t let the gift spirit die out with Valentine’s, celebrate this whole week with discount offers from

The pajamas store has also introduced the spring collection from the SleepyHeads pajamas line. Also get pajamas featured recently on the Today Show from the sleepwear store.

Not just pajamas, shop for slippers, snoozies, robes, spa wraps and even bath and body from and if you do it within this week then get 15% discount too with ‘PRESIDENTS15‘ upon checkout. So thank Washington for a change and enjoy the discount now!