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Boxers & Shorties on Sale – Perfect for Spring & Summers

Boxers and ShortiesBoxers and shorties become the hot favorite (ironical.. because they should be the cool favorite) when the temperature starts soaring high and the snow cordially gives way to pleasant breezes and sunny days. At times like these there’s something else that happens too.. stacking up the wools, storing away those cozy pajamas and taking out the comfy cotton pjs, short sets, boxers, shorties and apparels designed on and around the theme ‘less is more’. These are available on discounts too, marked down at

Less definitely becomes more comfy when the heat is too much to bear! Shorts and boxers then prove to be very useful to lounge in and relax. collection of boxers, shorts and short sets are trendy, comfortable and needless to say super-cool!! Available from popular pajama brands such as Hello Kitty, PJ Salvage, Cosabella and others, shorties and boxers at the pajamas store will make ideal sleepwear for summer months.

Super Summerwear – Boxers, Shorties and Short sets

If anything defines comfort for days when the mercury only knows the upward movement are these boxers and shorties. Get them to lounge around home, sleep at night or may be for a slumber party with a ‘shorty’ theme.

Made out of soft and cool fabrics these boxers and short sets are available in a variety of summer hues. The patterns on these short pjs are funky too! Enjoy sunshine and breeze with these adorable boxers and shorties retailed at If you hurry you can get a cooler discount on this!

SleepyHeads will be your comfort agent in every season! Just as SleepyHeads made winters cozy, the boxers and shorties collection will make summers not just bearable but enjoyable too!

Discount on Lingerie – Hurry to Get Your Obvious Fit, Style & Sensuality

LingerieA special discount on lingerie is on offer at, the leading pajamas store. Beautiful and sassy lingerie have been marked down to up your style! Lingerie in soft fabrics and attractive designs from Betsely Johnson, Cosabella, Mary Green, Eberjey and many other lingerie leaders are available at the pajamas store, Fantastic cuts, special designs and sensuality are awaiting to give you that perfect fit and feel.

If wrong choices with lingerie making you feel less beautiful then you got to try the collection at SleepyHeads. To view discounted lingerie items, visit: Whether you want to buy for yourself or someone you know, you will find something from the variety available. And if there’s a special treat on your mind for a romantic evening then we have the oh-so glamorous and sexy lingerie too!

Hot Lingerie on Sale

Right from the Mary Greens to the full of oomph Sex and the City Cosabella lingerie, we have assorted a special collection to make every women find her perfect fit and style. Choose from chemises, camis, tanks, thongs, undies and feel as beautiful as on the outside.

More than diamonds, women should make lingerie their best friends as it gets them through different stages of life; feeling and looking confident, attractive and beautiful. Whenever you are looking to buy a pair make sure the selected lingerie is thoroughly checked for:

  • Fit
  • Design
  • Style & Sensuality – optional of course and dependent on the woman making the purchase

When it comes to Lingerie, fit is the most important factor. Even if the design is perfectly cut for your figure and the sensuality is really high but there’s not fit then you must try on a new pair. A perfect fit can easily substitute for/ enhance sensuality, style and the whole look.

The discount sale on lingerie on and so is the heat – two good enough reasons to buy lingerie from!

Pajamas on Budget – The Really Big SleepyHeads Sale!

SleepyHeads Sale

SleepyHeads Sale

The really big SleepyHeads discount sale is on and its big!! Discount on select Bedhead pajamas, select lingerie, nightgowns, t-shirts, flip flops and slippers, other accessories and bath beauty products is offered by the pajamas store! No discount coupon is needed for the sale items as they are already marked down. Check out the sale items at: The pajamas, sleepwear items and accessories purchased once may not be returned.

Other seasonal discounts running on include the 10% discount on order and free ground shipping with discount coupon ‘MARCHSHIP‘ which expires on March 27th 2010. Another running discount deal is the 15% ‘Luck of the Irish’ discount on entire site that can be redeemed by using ‘IRISH’ upon checkout before March 22nd 2010.

SleepyHeads sale items also feature chemises, Bedhead sleepwear items, boxers and shorties, chemises, flannel and thermal items, flip flops, handbags and accessories, pjs, lounge sets, robes, spa wraps, beauty and bath.. the list is endless!

SleepyHeads Sale – Something for Everyone

The items included in the sale have something for everyone. Pajamas for women, men pjs, cute kids pajamas, accessories are available in the line of sale items. So don’t feel guilt by only for yourself get others something they like too.

However, just a quick word on the availability of items. Although it’s a really big sale yet it’s bound to get over and the pajamas, sleepwear, lingerie, slippers and other sleepwear items and other accessories are already going off the shelf. Hence there may be some items not available at the time of your purchase. You will be notified via email if the order has some issue. sale will not be lasting for too long so acting now would be beneficial! Check out the sale here:

Of Spring and Pajamas!

SleepyHeads offers 10% discount on your order and Free Ground Shipping offered for Spring!!

Pajamas store, SleepyHeads has another pleasant surprise this Spring! After the flower powered pajamas, 2010 Hello Kitty sleepwear, spring forward discount on Frankie & Johnny pajamas and the currently running 15% store wide discount on the occasion of St. Patrick’s, spring is raining flowers for pajamas and loungewear lovers. Continuing with the celebration of spring, the pajamas store is offering 10% discount on your order and free ground shipping for March, with discount coupon ‘MARCHSHIP’ at checkout you can redeem the spring special discount! The discount for spring expires on March 27th 2010.

Splurge on lingerie, sleepwear, pajamas in flowery patterns or other cute cuddly designs. Buy from popular pajamas brands such as Bedhead, PJ Salvage, Frankie & Johnny, SleepyHeads, Munki Munki, and many more. If pajamas not your chosen attire for spring comforts then go for short sets, tees, capris and other spring favorites. Because you will save with….

SleepyHeads Spring Discount & Free Ground Shipping

Discounts are special in any season or occasion but discounts galore are rare! Although you can only use one discount coupon per purchase but the offers provide you enough variety to choose the best discount. So just relax, browse through the best sleepwear, pajamas and discounts!

It’s spring so get your best pajamas and be ready to spend perfect leisure in perfect pjs! The 10% discount and free ground shipping will be running through March 27th 2010. So hurry before the discount offer expires!

St. Patrick’s 15% Store Wide Discount on

St. Patrick's DiscountSt. Patrick’s Day 15% discount is being offered by! Use discount coupon ‘IRISH‘ at checkout before March 22nd 2010 and get the 15% discount. Get dressed in the Irish color with the 15% discount on pajamas, loungewear and accessories. Buy green pjs, sleepwear, robes, slippers and get ready for March 17th, 2010 now! The pajamas store, also has Irish bath products on sale.

The time of celebrations, parades, shamrocks and to be green is here and is participating in St. Patrick’s Day too! The discount is only valid from March 14th thru March 22nd 2010, so make sure that you do not miss out on any of your favorite pajamas!

SleepyHeads, Sleepwear, Spring and Discounts

At spring has heralded not just a change of season or pajamas, sleepwear and accessories but great discounts too! After the 15% St. Patrick’s Day discount, the pajamas and sleepwear store will also be offering discount on the first day of spring! Hold on till March 17th 2010 and let it be a surprise like the pleasant breeze of the season against you!

Not only this, is geared up for Easter too! Enjoy the discount rush at the pajamas and sleepwear store and spend your spring in comfy pjs!

The 15% discount on the entire store can be availed with discount coupon ‘IRISH‘ upon checkout. The discount deal for St. Patrick’s Day expires on March 22nd 2010.

With SleepyHeads around being comfy is only a click away (for your wallet too!).

Mother’s Day Gifts From

Sweet nothings for the sweet angel in your life! presents an exclusive line of Mother’s Day gifts. The special selection is for the extra-ordinary human who not only gave us lives but helped us to make it worth. For all the cares, concerns, cuddles, comfort and blessings that she has been adding to your life since your birth, gift her a memory that is precious and a perfect symbol of your love for her.

Mothers are divine beings and if you don’t agree well then ask anyone (grown up or not) the importance of the relation with one’s mother. Paying a special tribute to that person of strength and patience, Pajamas store features a unique collection of Mother’s Day gifts. These include fragrant candles, books, mugs, slippers, bath products, accessories, and much more!

Choose from your favorite Mother’s Day Gifts mentioned below –

If your mother is special to you then you got to get her what will make her aware of her sweet presence, guiding and encouraging attitude, and fun personality!

For Being so warm and comforting – Comfy Pajamas for moms, Matching mommy and me pajamas for you and your mom to dress same on the special day! Warm and cozy slippers to let your mom enjoy a day of rest are available too!!

For Being the Nourisher – If she like all other moms the provider for palates then a cute little mommy apron and gloves are perfect for her.

For Treating you so nicely – Get her bath and spa treatments that will help her understand the importance of feeling good about herself (for a change… we know how mothers can be)

So let your mother enjoy the specialness of the day and gift her a keepsake for years to come! Mothers are beautiful, generous, kind and above all always – giving. However, this time let her the enjoy the best of what she deserves. Let moms have their day with exclusive treats (mother’s day gifts) from the sleepwear store,!

Wishing all the Mothers tremendous joy and happiness and a big thank you for making life possible for us!

30% Discount on Frankie & Johnny Cotton Pajamas announced by Pajamas Store,

March 8th 2010, Kentucky

A special discount of 30% is being offered on Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas at the pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The 30% discount deal will be expiring on March 15th 2010 and can be redeemed by using the discount coupon, ‘SPRINGFORWARD’ upon checkout. Buyers can save 30% while shopping for Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas available at:
The 30% savings offer on Frankie & Johnny pajamas is for the Daylight Saving that begins on March 14th 2010. is also running a 30% discount deal on select Bedhead pajamas, loungewear and accessories. Bedhead sale items can be viewed at: Recently introducing the 2010 Spring Collection of Hello Kitty pajamas and lingerie at, the pajamas store informed of an exclusive line of pajamas for spring to be made available soon.

Featuring popular sleepwear brands such as BedHead, Frankie & Johnny, Hello Kitty and many more, retails cotton pajamas, flannel pajamas, short sets, loungewear, bathrobes and sleepwear accessories. Frankie & Johnny cotton pjs offered in the discount are spring pajamas with season special patterns and prints.

Announcing the discount on Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas, Ms. Jennifer Briscoe stated, “This year there’s something else that you will be saving along with daylight, money! With 30% discount on Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas, springing forward the clocks would only be more fun and comfy! So splurge on and save more”.

F & J cotton pajamas are made from 100% poplin cotton, making them suitable for the season. Buyers can choose from Frankie & Johnny lounger sets, chemises, plus size pajamas, sleepshirts, pajama sets, etc.

“F & J pjs are something that bind us to our happy childhood memories and thats exactly why the special discount is on the special pajamas line. The season of chirps and cheer is here, so make sure you enjoy every moment of it in pajamas closer to your heart; Frankie & Johnny pajamas. Made from cotton and available in a variety of colors and patterns, F & J pajamas are perfect for the season. Look cute and feel extra-comfy in these dreamy delights from Frankie & Johnny.”, quipped Jennifer.

Frankie & Johnny pajamas can be viewed at: The discount deal ends on March 15th 2010 and can be used by entering discount coupon ‘SPRINGFORWARD’ at checkout.

“Saving time is feels better when you are saving some money too!”, concluded Jennifer.

Only one discount coupon can be used per purchase.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajamas brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas.’ pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Fruits & Veggies Pajamas Collection – The Sweet Taste of Comfort

Frutis and Veggies Pajamas

Frutis and Veggies Pajamas

When the whole world is taking the organic route, then how can pajamas stay behind? Yes, in a time when eco-consciousness rules the world, organic pajamas do not seem to be a far-fetched option. So for the love of veggies, fruits and everything natural, here is a pajamas line giving expression to your healthy and eco-friendly passion – the Fruits and Veggies pajamas! What’s more all the fruits and veggies pajamas are marked down too!!

Fruits and Veggies pjs for kids at are adorably cute and cuddlier then ever! The fabric of the pajamas is good for both the environment and the wearer. You can choose your favorite veggie or fruits for a pajama print and just may be you can get your kids to eat the veggies that they are not too fond of.

Get rompers, pajama sets, lounge sets and pajamas with deliciously sweet fruits and veggies on them. Shop for both boys and girls from Sleepyheads and dress to look cute for a great cause our earth!

Fruits & Veggies Pajamas – From Comfort to Cause

Fruits and veggies pajamas feature carrots, peas, bananas, tangerine and anything that stimulates your taste buds. Even apples and blue berries are not left out. So pick whatever you think will make the apple of your eyes glow with cuteness.

The pajamas store, making it the best time to purchase these cute pjs, is offering them on discounted prices. Fruits & Veggies collection of pajamas has been marked down, so hurry before the offer gets over or you decide to go from green to something else. Looking cute and making your contribution to the world at the same time is a rarity.

So let children start young and help them make an organic choice today with organic pajamas from

Josie by Natori Sleepwear – Elegant & Classy

Josie Natori SleepwearJosie Natori Sleepwear

Josie Natori Sleepwear

Josie by Natori sleepwear is for women who can’t get enough of style, luxury and sassiness in fashion. Women are going to simply love this line! Made with an arty imagination and glamor fed, sleepshirts and chemises by Josie by Natori are to out it simply a total knockout.

Cut out to drape a women’s body perfectly and smoothly these pieces of sleepwear and pajamas are every woman’s dreamy comfort. Josie Natori, the popular designer, puts across her natural talent in the form of beautiful and lovely sleepwear. And the comfort is not in short supply either. The soft fabrics and silky smooth touch of Josie by Natori sleepwear will make sleep a luxurious experience!

Women’s sleepwear takes a completely new look with Josie by Natori pajamas, sleepshirts and much more.

Josie Natori Sleep and Loungewear – Dressing the Femininity

Elegant designs of Josie Natori sleepwear is only further enhanced by lavish prints and unique shapes. Sizzling up the night time, Josie Natori chemises are perfect for a romantic night or when you feel like wearing some style to bed. assorts a superb collection of Josie Natori women’s pajamas, lounge sets for women, pajama pants and much more. Pajamas for women by Josie Natori is a special treat that you should indulge in. So buy now and get ready for an elegance-powered sleep.

And if you want to invest in something close to your memories along with Josie Natori beauties, then buy Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas now and get 30% discount, with discount coupon ‘SPRINGFORWARD‘ at checkout.

Flower Powered Pajamas & Accessories for Spring

Flower Power Pajamas

Flower Power Pajamas

Flower powered pajamas? It’s spring so how can anyone forget flowers. Neither could pajamas store, So here it is a flower powered collection of comfy pajamas, pjs and accessories. Pajamas designers like all other apparel designers borrow a lot from life around them and every season has something special to offer. And spring has its specialty too.. flowers. So SleepyHeads making the most of every season, rakes up a flowery one for the spring 2010.

After the cute Hello Kitty 2010 spring collection, it has been raining flowers on sleepwear and pajamas everywhere. The pajamas store is even offering 30% discount on Frankie & Johnny cotton spring pajamas from March 8th 2010 to March 15th 2010 with discount coupon ‘SPRINGFORWRD’ upon checkout.

Spring Sleepwear – Life is a bed of flowers

Pajamas and sleepwear for spring with pansies, daisies from pajama brands such as SleepyHeads, Bedhead, Hello Kitty, Frankie & Johnny and others is perfect for being party to the cheerful spirit of the spring! The power of flowers is not just limited to pajama patterns or prints but the flowery goodness is making accessories such as slippers, flip flops and bags beautiful too.

We guarantee that this spring the flowery fresh cuteness is what will be reining the hearts of all. Spring is the best time to enjoy the comforts of life and with the perfect pair of pajamas on you, life will actually become a bed of flowers.

Don’t just don flower pajamas for only a comfy sleep but for some spring fun too! Hurry buy Frankie & Johnny pajamas now and get 30% off. Some of the F & J pajamas have also been featured on shows such as The CBS Early Show, etc. Use ‘SPRINGFORWARD‘ on checkout before March 15th 2010.