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Daylight Saving 30% Discount on Frankie & Johnny Cotton Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny Cotton Pajamas

Come this March 14th 2010 and we all be springing forward our clocks to save daylight but what if you save 30% while shopping your favorite Frankie & Johnny cotton pajamas. Yes, the pajamas store, is offering a special discount of 30% on F & J cotton pajamas for spring! With the discount coupon ‘SPRINGFORWARD‘ at checkout, you can save 30% while shopping. The discount deal expires on March 15th 2010, so hurry to save now!

To view Frankie & Johnny pajamas, visit

There’s no discount on cuteness, comfort or the nostalgic and emotional connection that Frankie & Johnny pajamas stir in all of us. F & J pajamas on sale are made from cotton and are imbued with lovely spring prints and available in subtle yet vibrant hues for the spring.

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas on 30% Discount – Spring Forward in F & J Pjs

The 30% discount on Frankie & Johnny pajamas is a special treat for spring! There’s nothing better than lounging around and spending your leisure in comfy pajamas! Also if its daylight saving then it means more work and all the more need to buy a comfy pair of pajamas!

Before you think we just have F & J pajamas and pajama sets on offer then you got to check out the entire collection of Frankie & Johnny sleepwear which includes chemises, capris, sleepshirts and lounge sets.

Before the time passes and the week ends, make your purchase now and pick a cute pair of Frankie & Johnny cotton pjs for yourself or your loved one!

Gifts Galore at Pajamas Store,

Gifts from Pajamas Store

Gifts from Pajamas Store

Assorting special things for special occasions, pajamas store, brings to you a not just gifts but an avalanche of ideas for wishing somebody the best of everything. A gift is something that makes ordinary events of life extra-ordinary, enabling you to freeze the moment into a keepsake. So why not work towards making that memory as special as it can.

Apart from the inevitable choice of pajamas, sleepwear and plush robes from SleepyHeads, you can pick up books, guides, bags, flip flops, mom to be, bride to be, men’s gifts, etc. Looking for a superb gift that strikes the perfect cord with the receiver, then see our NFL mugs collection, Gifts for the Cat Lover, Gifts for the Dog Lover and even for the little devil of a ‘Shoe-a-holic’ in most of us!

Amazing beauty accessories are also part of the sea of ideas for gifts that the pajamas store offers. You’ll never want to stop giving with so many gifts to choose. Please someone close to your heart or make others happy with something as special as them.

Gifts at – Be Happy to Give

Giving and receiving gifts is perhaps one of the most joyful moments that make our lives. And to give (or receive) a gift that is wonderful enhances the specialty of the moment manifold. Nor limited to neither excluding pjs or sleepwear, the gifts line at includes much more than you thought it would.

Sleep masks, wedding gifts, survival kits and even yoga kits, games, fluff bags, handbags, cosmetic bags, travel accessories and anything that is funtastic or is a gift! Just as an after-thought – when you gift from, there’s something that will always come as part of it – a smile.

‘Out and About’ on Women’s Day – Pajamas & Accessories for Women

Out and About CollectionPajamas, lounge sets, short sets, totes, bags, flips flops, slippers and a whole lot of love is what makes ‘Out and About’ collection on perfect for a buy for the special occasion of women’s day! Designed to please every woman’s heart, these pjs and stylish accessories are simply cool (just what you would require in the approaching summer).

Fabulous sleepwear and loungewear, ‘Out and About’ line is what will put the spring in your heart and step, making you go out looking as cute as a chipper! Spring is a pretty time and ensuring that you don’t lose out on any prettiness is the ‘Out and About’ pajamas and sleepwear collection.

Great comfy pajamas will enable you to come out of the winter inaction with enough style to last you for the whole season. Who says pjs and shorts are only a seasonal apparel? Setting new trends is mark of a real fashionista so hop on ‘Out and About’!

‘Out and About’ Pajamas & Sleepwear – Out and Out Fun!
Fun is perhaps only one of the ways to describe this cute definitely not cozy collection of loungewear. Put them on and open up to the season of activity, outings and blissful leisure! Choose from the top favorite suggestions (below) that is bound to make you go ‘Out and About’:

  • Hello Kitty 2010 spring collection of shorts, tees, and loungewear
  • Tepper Jackson uniquely designed and printed bags and totes
  • Trendy Slippers and Flip Flops
  • SleepHeads spring sleepwear collection
  • Accessories such as water carriers, lug tags, and much more.

Adorn the style, the funk and the fun and adorn ‘Out and About’ from pajamas store,