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Cami Shorts – Sleepwear for Scorching Months

Cami Short SetsCami short sleepwear – you got to know it because that’s what are you going to be wearing for a pretty long time or until the winter comes again. Comfort and less fabric are not the only advantages of Cami Short sleepwear. Cami short sets in different designs, varieties and styles make the sleep through summer as refreshing and pleasing as a lounging on the beach side in the evenings. So have you bought your Cami shorts yet? Sleepwear store, is offering a great selection of Cami short sets  from leading pajamas brands such as Hello Kitty, PJ Salvage, Cosabella & much more. Perfect for any woman, Cami short sets make every woman bring out her cuteness like no other sleepwear apparel (barring pjs and dresses of course).

Cami Short Sets – Why they should find a place in your wardrobe?

  • Cami Short Sets make women look sexy and yet really cute.
  • If it’s a special evening for him then Cami shorts are a great at to end the day in a naughty way.
  • May be a bit over the top for a woman’s fashion limits but hey there’s no harm in trying to jump the fence once in a while for a special someone. And you can always choose from the ones that are not too overbearing on your preference of short sets.
  • There are a variety of Cami short sets available – from sizzling hot to perky cute and pretty elegant.

So ladies if you are still waiting for the cliché reason like comfort and more to pop into the list then you have go to checkout the cami short sets selection at!

Tepper Jackson Gold Weekender Bag – Pack & Travel in Style

Tepper Jackson Aurora Gold Weekender BagWhat does the Tepper Jackson Gold Weekender Bag have in common with bling? Both are in (or so it seems in some age groups), both are shiny and both can be taken for a ride (at least the bag can and so can bling on second thoughts).

Tepper Jackson bags, totes and travel accessories and not to forget their pajamas and robes are just superb! Full of color and design, Tepper Jackson products are the ‘c’ in the cool! Tepper Jackson makes the ordinary things life extra-ordinary and extra-special.

Traveling with Tepper Jackson is easier, jazzy and outright stylish. Tepper Jackson bags offer great storage and even better designs. Browse through the Tepper Jackson collection available at and you’ll know what we are talking about. Not for noting did it become the one of the top ten products sold at the sleepwear store.

Tepper Jackson Bags – Gold Aurora Weekender Bag

We started with bling but we will end it with baggadastic! Made from double coated cotton canvas and with a zip compartment inside, this Tepper Jackson bag is a pure delight!! From the collection of other Aurora bags, this one will truly catch your eye. Blame it on the amazing color combination   of green, gold and dash of blue splashed to give it a beautiful pattern.

Shop for this piece if you want to stand out in the crowd and admired for your sense of fashion. Most of the people ignore style and commit serious fashion crimes when it comes to traveling. However, when the world has blessed us with a brand as Tepper Jackson, then why not use it?

Get your travel bug the best companion with Tepper Jackson totes and more. And the Gold Weekender Bag is all yours to take (especially with the Spring Break travels already planned).

If you order before April 30th 2010 and use discount coupon, ‘SPRINGBREAK‘ upon checkout, then you will get Free Ground Shipping.

50% Discount on JunkFood Tees & Products

JunkFood ProductsGet a whopping 50% discount is on JunkFood tees! brings JunkFood tees and products at a never-to-be-missed discounted price. JunkFood junkies can save upto $14.50 on tees, hoodies & much more. Enter the discount coupon ‘JUNKFOOD‘ upon checkout. The discount is valid only thru April 11th 2010!!

Missing the naughty nineties or the eccentric eighties? Then binge on JunkFood now (not literally and the loungewear of course.. no health hazards please!). If you have the choice then we have got the reason – 50% discount. Exclusive JunkFood Retro Bands category offers the classic vintage collection featuring t-shirts with AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, The Police and more such hip-shaking, head banging and psychedelic favorites from the previous decades.

Keeping up the punk, funk, fun and the variety – JunkFood tees also presents long sleeved shirts and hot hoodies!

Say Yes To JunkFood

No doublespeak this! These JunkFood products are as healthy as they come! Sleep well, relax, lounge and enjoy your leisure in this comfy and full of attitude JunkFood apparel. And may be just may be you’ll get inspired to pick that six stringed piece of wood (that produces sound) lying right where you can’t see it or get you to exercise! It’s JunkFood it can make you do anything!

Choose from a whole collection of culture featured on JunkFood tees, hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts. Available categories from JunkFood include:

  1. Men’s Tees
  2. JunkFood Retro Cartoons
  3. Retro Bands
  4. Hoodies & Long Sleeve T-Shirts

So shop before it’s too late to go junk! Use discount coupon ‘JUNKFOOD‘ at checkout and enjoy a whopping 50% discount. You can save upto $14.50 on JunkFood products with the discount deal. Don’t wait for April 11th 2010? Get your Junk now!