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Aunt Sadie’s Candles – For the Special Evenings

Aunt Sadies CandlesAunt Sadie’s candles are hands down winner when it comes to candelicious. The candles are scented and each candle burns for about 70 hours at once. Aunt Sadie’s candles are available in different fragrances and designs as part of the candles & home collection at

Candles and romance often light up together. And Aunt Sadie’s candles promise you a lovely time when you’re with that special someone. The candles are perfect for candle-lit dinners, an evening at the back porch or a family gathering which goes till late at night. Aunt Sadie’s fragrant candles make the perfect ambiance for your desired evening.

On a rather humorous note, for the lazy bones, who have not cleaned up their room in the longest of time and now have parents visiting, can get a terrific solution. Light up any of your favorite fragrances of Aunt Sadie’s candles and see wonders. They will give your room an amazing freshness.

Aunt Sadie’s Candles containing blueberries
Though Aunt Sadie’s candles come in various fragrances, the one you would love to know about is blueberry candles. Blueberries are number one  anti-oxidants and refresh every nook and corner.  And Aunt Sadie’s candles in blueberry do the same.

Other amazing candles in Aunt Sadie’s collection are Tree in Can, Autumn Bouquet, Candy Can, Ginger Bread, Red Delicious Apple, Cherry Pie, Spa Series amongst others. So don’t wait for an occasion or a reason, just get your pack of fragrant candles soon.

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Family Matching Pajamas from

Family Matching PajamasFamily matching pajamas on offer at, the pajamas store. Extremely cute and comfortable pajamas for the complete family are available. Nothing feels better than cuddling up in your favorite pair of pajamas and nothing  cuter than wearing the same pajamas as your family.

Family matching pjs are available in really soft fabrics and satin-soft textures. Available in all possible colors, they will attract your attention in one look. Family matching pajamas are designed in such a way that not even one member of the family can have doubts about donning these comfy cuddlies.

The best feature of the family matching pajamas is that it has been designed keeping in mind all the family members. Though the prints, designs, colors and even the textures are same, kids pjs have little a cartoon embroidered on the pajama. For daddys, a sports logo is placed and for mommys, a tag of eco-friendly pajamas has been placed.

Family Matching Pajamas in excellent fabric

Family matching pajamas at the store come in a very soft fabric. They absorb moisture and keep you cool in summer and warm in winters. Pajamas matching with pjs of your kids help you to relive your childhood days. Matching pyjamas look really cute and adorable.

Family matching pjs are available from various brands at – Hatley family matching pajamas, Frankie and Johnny pajamas, Bedheads matching pajams, Life is Good matching loungewear to name a few. Which one would suit your family?

Shop now at:

Father’s Day Gifts & Discount Offer Announced by Pajamas Store,

June 15th 2010, Kentucky

Father’s day gifts and a special 10% store wide discount has been announced by pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The discount deal can be redeemed by using discount coupon ‘DAD10‘ upon checkout. Father’s day special discount will be running through Jun 21st 2010. Exclusive gifts for dad from the store are available at: is carrying a wide collection of father’s day gifts which includes men’s sleepwear, bathrobes, accessories from slippers to coffee mugs, bath products for men and more. Apart from gifts for dad, the pajamas store has recently introduced the Summer/ Spring Weddings sleepwear and gifts. Wedding presents from feature bride-to-be gifts, gifts for groom, sleepwear for brides and grooms, etc.

Father’s day gifts ideas available from the sleepwear store, has pyjamas for dad by leading sleepwear brands such as Bedhead, Life is Good and Sleepyheads. Along with men’s pjs, boxers by the same pajama labels are also on offer.

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe announced the Father’s day discount and gifts for dad saying, “Being a dad isn’t that easy. From being the hero to the kids to taking care of family’s needs – fathers carry a lot on their shoulders and are always short on rest. So for all the comfort they deserve, SleepyHeads store brings unique gifts for dear dads (read comfy pjs) that they will truly love! Get him the comfiest pajamas, dreamy sleepwear, plush robes and see him smile from ear to ear.”

Men’s cotton tees from Junkfood sleepwear are among the suggested father’s day gift ideas. Junkfood tees feature varied themes inspired by the 80s to favorite pastimes. Other father’s day gift options that the sleepwear store presents are mugs and rompers with ‘I Love Daddy’ and ‘I heart Daddy’ printed on them. Gifts for a new dad can be purchased too.

“Find father’s day gifts to suit ‘dadditude’ and of course make him feel special on his special day. What’s more with the 10% discount, you can save while shopping gifts for dad. Show him your love with unforgettable gifts from” concluded Ms. Briscoe.

The entire collection of Father’s Day Gifts assorted at can be reached at:

Father’s day 10% discount can be availed before June 21st 2010 using discount coupon, ‘DAD10‘ at checkout.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajamas brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny, etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas. pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

The Cat’s Pajamas – The Name Says it All

The Cat's Pajamas For all those who don’t know before the pajama brand, The Cat’s Pajamas was a phrase used to describe a completely rad, cool and groovy thing or person, somebody who is perfect – back in the 20s or 30s. It wasn’t a sleepwear brand then not until two college students from San Francisco got together and came up with an awesome pajama brand – The Cat’s Pajamas.

Nothing has changed except from the fact that now it is a pajama brand which does complete justice to the name it carries. And there are no points for guessing what The Cat’s Pajamas are famous for – sushi pajamas of course. There are other famous prints too that this total cool pjs brand offers.

The Cat’s Pajamas – For Comfy & Cuddly Nights

The Cat’s Pajamas sleepwear features great prints and unique patterns. Apart from the all time favorite sushi pajamas, snowflakes, argyle, puppy, florals printed pjs are offered to make you the cat’s pajamas of the house.

Getting into The Cat’s Pajamas will be like having your prayers for the comfiest pajamas answered. With a tag line that says ‘truly for the playful heart’, The Cat’s Pajamas sleepwear comes with loads of fun and perkiness whose fans are the stars from Will & Grace, Live with Regis and Kelly, Gilmore Girls and more.

And if your dad’s missing his college days then gift him these youth-inspired and designed pjs. A unique gift for dad, The Cat’s Pajamas with funky prints will bring back for him the fun of yesteryears.

Check out the The Cat’s Pajamas at:

Frankie & Johnny Cocktails Sleep Shirt – A Toast to Super Comfort

Frankie & Johnny Cocktail Sleep ShirtFrankie & Johnny cocktail sleep shirt made from cotton (100% Poplin Cotton) is sure a great way to put an end to the day. Both the design and comfort are great. One of the top selling Frankie & Johnny sleepwear shirts, the Cocktail sleep shirt is priced at $39.95 and available in all sizes.

Frankie & Johnny pajamas and sleepwear feature prints and designs inspired by life. And the F & J cocktail sleep shirt has to be one of the best designs. The sleep shirt is pink in color with cocktail glasses on it. It closes on the front and buttons all the way up. There are two chest pockets on the sleepshirt.

If you’re a Frankie & Johnny fanatic then you will love it and if you’re not then you’ll love this even more!

Something more for your Frankie & Johnny Collection

The sleep shirt will be a great addition to your Frankie & Johnny collection and if you don’t have a collection as yet, then the cocktail sleep shirt will be perfect to start one with. Because after you buy the Frankie & Johnny cocktail sleep shirt you won’t be stopping at that.

Frankie & Johnny pjs, sleepwear and accessories has also put a smile on Nick & Nora fans. Great prints, great designs and even better comfort! Only thing left to do is buy this super comfy Frankie & Johnny cocktail sleep shirt.

Organize a cocktail slumber party with your friends and wear this to become the life of the party!

Wrap up in Color – Colorful Spa Wraps & Blankets

Colorful Spa WrapsThe newest spa wraps at the pajamas store, are a splash of rainbow! Yep, it’s the colorful spa wraps we are talking about that will put the cuteness where it rightfully belongs on you :).

A vibrant collection of terry spa wraps and super soft fleece blankets is available in varied splashes of colors, prints and great quality fabrics. Perfect to pack for your holidays at the beach or wrapped on for pool bashes.

The looks, the designs of these ever-so bright and beautiful spa wraps makes them a must have for the fashion forward public – one that does like to go past unnoticed anywhere.

Spa wraps for summer splashes

Summery to the it’s deepest thread these colorful spa wraps and the soft fleece blanket will make your wet getaways as stylish as they can. Match them with your sexy swimsuits, use them to dry off or simply get wrapped in them under the sun or on the sands.

Give bulky and warm bathrobes a much needed rest during summers. Get spa wraps and fleece blankets. Spa wraps also feature skirted hems – too cute to miss! For all the fun you are going to have in the water or at the beach – you will find a perfect spa wrap to wipe off the post-fun reminiscences with these all colorful spa wraps (just from the body of course & not your memory).

End your search for the most comfy and colorful spa wraps right here. Get these now and be prepared to get wrapped.

Footed Pajamas Are Not Just For Kids!

Footed Pajamas This is something for every adult who’s ever dreamed of a wished sleeping in a cozy pair of footed pajamas – there are footed pjs for adults too! Stop being jealous of your toddlers who prance about in their cute and adorable footsies!

Footed pajamas are great especially for protection against the cold. Winters are just not possible to get through without pajamas with feet. These are available for everyone in the family and not just for infants or toddlers as you may have thought wrongly., leading retailer of all kinds of pajamas and everything comfy carries a wide and special line of footed pajamas! Let your feet feel the warmth and comfort of pjs too!

What Makes Footed Pajamas So Popular?
The cute little feet on the bottom of course! Alright there are other reasons too and those are:

  • These are just too much more fun and snuggly than regular pajamas.
  • Perfect to bite off the cold with.
  • They are practical and save people from dirtying socks to warm cold feet.
  • These look cute and the wearer so sweet. We’re not sure if this will work for you but it sure does for many people.
  • Helps you to dress as cute as your baby! Matching footy pajamas are extremely popular among parents. In fact matching footed pajamas for the entire family promises picture perfect moments.
  • Adult footed pajamas are unmatchable in comfort.

Footed pajamas are perhaps responsible for making pajamas as a sleepwear the choice for so many. Not may be the right pjs for the summers but who knows sometimes somewhere a footed pajama lover may come up with cotton footed pjs for winters or something more original. That retains the cuteness of  ‘feet’ and come with pajamas in breathable fabrics.

Until that takes shape or a form, buy the available footed pajamas from When it is about footed pjs, it’s never too soon!

KooKoo Pajamas, Robes & Accessories – Cutie From SleepyHeads

KooKoo Pajamas Pajamas, robes and other accessories from KooKoo became so popular not just because of the usual reasons of comfort, coziness and ease. KooKoo pajamas’ uniqueness lies in their being different, delux and bearing funky embroidery. brings a wide collection of KooKoo fun items. Find embroidered bride-to-be, mom-to-be robes, tanks, travel kits, bag, towels, pants and much more.

A fun line to add to your sleepwear wardrobe and bath accessories (hand towel sets and towels are on offer too), KooKoo pajamas and sleepwear is not much heavy on the pocket either.

KooKoo Pajamas – Comfort from Canada

KooKoo pjs and lingerie brand hails from Canada. Buy special sleepwear for an expecting mom, for yourself, for your wife or a soon-to-be-dad and ease off the nervousness a bit. And talking about easing off tension, the pajamas brand offers some calm for cold-footed bride and grooms too in the form of luxurious and special embroidered bathrobes.

A really cute KooKoo dad towel is also awaiting to be gifted to the most lovable dad! Gift it on father’s day and be ready to capture that smile on his face! is ‘the’ place for pajamas! Find pajamas in all designs, prints and patterns from top pajama brands!

Useful Gifts for Dad – Men’s Toiletries & Travel Bags

Want to gift dad something that he can use and also love? How about men toiletry kits and travel bags. Tepper Jackson presents a special collection of men’s travel kits, travel bags, leather travel bags and much more. These are stylish and come in peppy colors.

A great father’s day gift idea, men’s travel bags and kits will help dad carry his precious world around. There are passport cases also available.

If your dad travels a lot then the Tepper Jackson travel bags, kits and men’s toiletry bag or travel bags would be the ideal father’s day gifts.

Tepper Jackson Men’s Travel Bags, Lug Tags, Travel Kits

For convenient and light traveling Tepper Jackson travel bags and men’s toiletries are simply fab. Short trips, long getaways, these bags would come in very handy. So there’s the occasion – Father’s Day, there are travel bags what are you waiting for? Grab some now for your dad and let him know how you understand his needs like he’s been doing yours.

Want some savings as well? Then you are lucky because is also offering a special 10% store-wide discount! Use discount coupon ‘DAD10‘ upon checkout. The offer is valid through June 21st 2010. So hurry and start shopping and saving from today itself!

Let no father go without a loving wish on father’s day! father’s day gifts have something for every Dad!

More Pajamas Added to SleepyHeads Sale Items – Shop & Save

Pajamas on Sale More comfy, cute and now affordable pajamas have been added to sale items. Get lounge pajamas, short-sleeve pajamas and long sleeve pajamas at great prices. Other sleepwear items offered on sale include lingerie, undies, nightgowns and sleep shirts, chemises, boxers and shorties.

Not just sleepwear and pjs, accessories such as slippers, flip flops, bags, totes, bath and body t-shirts, etc.  No discount coupon codes are required to buy pjs and accessories under sale, these are already marked down. Sleepwear Sale – Choose more pay less

More additions to the sale items means you can choose from a lot of variety and pay less for what you like. Since it’s summer and pajama pants wouldn’t really be on your mind. Flannel and thermal pajamas are totally out of the question – then why do we offer the sale? So that you can stock up for the winters!!

Yup buy your favorite flannel pair or your thermal pajamas now at prices you won’t mind paying instead of waiting for the winters and investing a lot more in pajamas.

What else can you get out of the SleepyHeads sale –

Plush robes and soft wraps, bath and body products, kids pjs, handbags, phew! Enjoy shopping at your favorite pajamas store and save while you are it. Shop for her, him and for toddlers too because is your favorite family pajamas store.