Monthly Archives: July 2011’s Upgrades Wesbite Design & Shifts to Magento Commerce!

We’re better and Jammier! Yes! has a new upgraded and a great looking website design that can be checked at: And there’s something else that’s new too. Our pajamas and retail store is now running on Magento platform! What this means for the pajama lovers, well lots of jammies to browse through easily and conveniently, plus a smooth-slick shopping cart and checkout process and so much more fun!

Magento as everyone knows as gathered more popularity than any other eCommerce platform and here at we couldn’t but remain sidelined and compromise with the customer’s shopping experience.

Our new website design the one on Magento has made a lot of things easier! For starters, we’ve fixed whatever was wrong in the previous design running until some months ago. So you can count on an even better shopping experience at your favorite pajamas store,!

Now let’s get to the good things!

After the store was set up on Magento, things got so much better – See how:

  • Better navigation for catalog and products – Now you can view your favorite pajamas even better.
  • Product Browsing Made Awesome! – Zoom in, view products in different colors (at the same instant!)
  • Shopping Cart – The enhanced feature also has shipping estimator available for the customer to view before checking out.
  • Easy & Convenient Checkout – Well, this you got to try to believe. :) So can we wait for your orders to pour in? We’ve got a huge collection of pajamas waiting for you. But just to let you in on the good things. The checkout also features discount codes and shipping estimators.
  • Top 10 List on the HomePage – Want to go in for a quick look at the most popular pajamas and sleepwear? Simply browse through the newly added Top 10 pajamas feature. is looking forward to seeing you on site and check out the really convenient checkout too! And just for your love of pajamas, we have an amazing collection of summer pajamas waiting for everyone in the family! Exclusive Line of Sleeveless Pajamas for Summers

Sleeveless Women's Pajamas

Sleeveless Women's Pajamas

The degree of hotness or in other words summer heat is always directly proportional to the amount of fabric on your body. Ward off summer heat with’s latest line of sleeveless pajamas. Sleeveless pjs available are products of beautiful creations coming from the famous pajama houses such as Frankie & Johnny, Munki Munki, Twinklzzz, Scanty, Bedhead, Betsey Johnson, Hello Kitty and the funky Jersey Shore womens pjs. You can find them at:

The Sleeveless womens pajamas collection has the following specialties:

  • Fabrics – Soft and skin-friendly to the last thread!
  • Designs – That will raise more laughter and hi-fives than eyebrows
  • Patterns – Obviously cutest around
  • Styles – More than you expected or imagined. will surely wow women with the sleeveless women clothing line.

And why should you go for the sleeveless women’s sleepwear clothing?

Because its sexy, adorable and completely knocks off the traditional pajamas for the season! Forget the extra fabric on the sleeves and stay cool with our dandy line of womens pjs and sleepwear without the sleeves. Why sweat it out at night or while lounging when you can feel liberated in a sleeveless cami or a tank?

These womens pajamas are available in sets too. So if mixes and matches give you the trouble then go for our pajama sets with sleeveless shirts or tank tops coupled with shorts or cropped pajamas!

Summers are best spent comfy and relaxed and here’s the best apparel for the job to be well done – Sleeveless women’s sleepwear!

Who’s Up for a Pajamas Party?

Family Matching Pajamas

Family Matching Pajamas

Think about Pajamas and the idea of the slumber party will be hovering somewhere close in the mind, along with the image of a cute, comfy temptation known as pajamas or more affectionately called Pjs. And post the spring, summers are another good reason to get together and spend some real quality time in the comfy wear.

Leisure is highly under-rated when it’s such a rejuvenating and stress-busting activity! And when the leisure time is spent together you will definitely be blessing yourself for the rest of the days to come. So organize the pajamas party that you’ve been thinking of for so long and don’t worry about the Pajamas as will take care of that!

Shop for Your Pajamas for the Party at

We have a HUGE collection of womens pajamas and mens sleepwear that can turn any pajama party to a hard-core Pjs lover convention. Not that we want to push you away from the theme you thought about! Find your favorite here –

… But a Family Pajamas Party would be another super cool theme! Won’t it? The holidays are going to be knocking at the door soon and before your wardrobe begs for some cozy Family pajamas why don’t you shop and have a pre-holiday Family Pajamas bash! Shop them from:

Why wait for the holidays, feel cozy, cuddly and cheerful right now with pajamas and amazing sleepwear.

Life Becomes Comfy with Life is Good Infant Pajamas

Life is Good Infant Pajamas

Life is Good Infant Pajamas

Looking for comfy pajamas for your infant? We have a really cute infant pajama collection at The infant pajamas by Life is Good are so cuddly and snuggly that you’d want to buy them from at the first glimpse! You would love the sight of your little one wearing the cutest pair of Life is Good infant pajamas.

Infant loungers by the brand are made using 100% cotton. Cotton is a skin friendly fabric especially for infants. Infants have a very tender skin and therefore have to wear fabrics that don’t harm them at all. Life is Good infant pajamas are made with high quality cotton fabric to make sure that your child enjoys each and every moment spent in the sleepwear.

Infant and Toddler Pajamas

Infant pajamas by Life is Good are well fitted, comfortable and feature an elastic waist band. The elastic band is soft on an infant’s skin and does not irritate the child. Life is Good pajamas for kids, toddlers and infants feature very cute prints. Light colored pajamas that are soothing and comfy are a part of the pajama collection at the online pajama store.

Get pajamas for your little ones by Life is Good. Infant pajamas are cute and extremely comfortable. View a wide line of pajamas and sleepwear at

Bedhead Tank and Pants – Wear Summer Pink

BedHead Abbey Road Pink Knit Tank and Pant

BedHead Abbey Road Pink Knit Tank and Pant

BedHead Abbey Road Pink Knit Tank and Pant is a summer sensation for women. The very pretty pink tank and pant set is a wonderful loungewear for women. The cool and soothing color combination of the pajama set and 95% knit cotton fabric makes the women’s pajama an all-day long wear!

The wearable pajama set by BedHead is very comfortable to stay in. The tank of the women’s pajama set is a comfy top that has elastic under the bodice. It also has scoop front and back neckline making it easy to wear and well fitted. The pant of the Bedhead Abbey Road Pink Knit Tank and Pant has an elastic waist band for a relaxed wear.

Pajamas and sleepwear by Bedhead are a preferred choice for many. The softness of the pure fabric and comforting fit of the well designed pajamas make it an wearable apparel for any hour of the day. Bedhead pajama can be worn during the day as loungewear and at night as a sleepwear.

Wear Softness, wear Bedhead Pajamas

Experience sheer softness and comfort with pajamas and sleepwear by Bedhead. Sleepwear for women by the pajama brand – pajamas, nightshirts, gowns, tanks, pants etc. are made using high quality fabrics and amazing shades of colors. Wear them to relax!

Bedhead Abbey Road Pink Knit Tank and Pant is made in Los Angeles and is offered in all sizes for women., the online pajama store has a wide line of women Pjs by the brand.

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas – Loved and Adorned by All

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

You will need an introduction about Frankie & Johnny pajamas only if you are not wearing them right now! Frankie & Johnny is a brand that defines sleepwear and pajamas the best.

The cutest, best quality and great design pajamas are what you get when you look for Frankie & Johnny. And we here make it easier for you! End your search,  find them right here at, because we bring to you a great collection of Frankie & Johnny Pajamas.

Amazing Comfort in Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny pajamas please people of all ages. A wide line that offers pajamas and sleepwear for men, women and kids. 100% cotton is used to manufacture pajamas, loungewear and sleepwear by the brand. Pajamas by Frankie & Johnny make you nostalgic and remind you of your childhood.

Everyone has pajama memories and with F & J you get a chance to relive those wonderful days. What you also get to relive is the amazing moments spent in family matching pajamas. Frankie & Johnny also offers matching pajamas for the entire family. Slip in to them and get into the fun mood.

One thing that you can be sure of with Frankie & Johnny is quality. Pajamas and sleepwear of highest quality are designed by F & J Pjs. Choose your pajamas blindly when it comes to Frankie & Johnny sleepwear because these in any case are among the best.

Hello Kitty Capri Lounge Set – A Great Girls Pajama Pair!

Hello Kitty Side by Side Capri Lounge Set

Hello Kitty Side by Side Capri Lounge Set

Hello Kitty pajamas and sleepwear mean absolute cuteness. Hello Kitty Side by Side Capri Lounge Set tells you why. The very pretty sleepwear is made of 100% cotton.

Hello Kitty sleepwear is greatly popular among girls. Girls of all age groups love Hello Kitty for their amazing designs and color schemes. The online pajama store has wide line of Hello Kitty pajamas.  Hello Kitty Side by Side Capri Lounge Set is a pretty lounge wear and a cute girly pajama wear.

The lounge set tee has an over all print and a kitty graphic on it. The pajama pant is plaid in color and has elastic waist band for awesome fit. Available in two colors – blue and yellow, the lounger set will become your favorite as soon as you set your eyes on it.

Hello Kitty Pajamas – Relaxing and Perfect for Play

Apart from this is perky Hello Kitty capri lounge set, the Hello Kitty collection has chemises, cami & shorts, lounge sets, pajama sets, boybriefs, tanks & crop pants among other sleepwear. Capri lounge sets are best to beat the summer heat and relax. A lounge set can be worn for a walk outside, a game with friends and just to relax at home too! Hello Kitty Side by Side Capri Lounge Set offers you comfort clubbed with style.

So, if you want to wear something cute & cuddly, soft & smooth and extremely relaxing, browse the online pajama store, for the amazing Hello Kitty girls pajamas from the collection.

Munki Munki Pajamas – The Cutest Prints on Fabrics!

Munki Munki Perfume Bottles Pink Pajama

Munki Munki Perfume Bottles Pink Pajama

Yeah they do! Munki Munki pajamas and sleepwear have the cutest detailing and the Munki Munki Perfume Bottles Pink Pajama is no different. The very pretty pajama pant and top are sure to allure many jammie-lovers.

Perfume Bottles Pink Pajama by Munki Munki is yet another example of their wonderful creativity. The pretty pink pajama set is designed using 100% poplin cotton assuring you comfort when you wear it. The comfort factor becomes more apparent when you wear on that relaxed button up top. A sleepwear as comfy and soft makes it more than just a sleepwear!

Also, to add to your well-rested smiling self (one you get after wearing the Munki Munki pajamas), offers a free Munki Munki hair band with the women pajama set. A matching hair band with the lovely pajama set comes absolutely free!

Sleep, Lounge, Relax in Munki Munki Pajamas

Munki Munki pajamas are not just sleepwear. The comfort and feel of pajamas and loungers make them ideal for lounging around the house. Yeah, you are in no way restricted to stay in your bed when you’re wearing them.

Munki Munki Perfume Bottles Pink Women Pajama is available in all sizes for women. The comfort apparel at the pajama store requires easy machine wash and is ready to wear without any care!

Oh, this blog never mentioned we have pajamas and sleepwear for men and kids too! We were busy grabbing attention for all the women. View the our online store, for amazing collection pajamas for men, women and kids.

Comfort is the Word for Men’s Pajamas at

Men's Pajamas at SleepyHeads

Men's Pajamas at SleepyHeads

The online pajama store retails pajamas for all – men, women and kids. The women loungewear may get talked of more often but we haven’t forgotten the men at all. Our sleepwear collection for men is a perfect mix of the jammy cuteness and manly ruggedness, so men shopping here are never disappointed. Men’s sleepwear at the online sleepwear store offers pajamas, boxers and sports pjs.

Men’s pajamas that are not just any other sleepwear but fabrics of high-end comfort and fit are retailed at the online pajama store. We know how selective men can be when it comes to choosing their apparel. And when it’s sports wear, loungewear and sleepwear, the selective attitude is exhibited more than necessary. Men’s pajamas here are comfortable and great on the body, leaving men little window or chance to complain. 100% cotton fabric pajama sets are soft and comfy and are wearable for all seasons! Cotton is one fabric that you can enjoy in all climatic conditions.

Sports Pjs and Boxers for Men – Just Their Style

Want to see your man excited about a pajama? Men’s sports pjs at the online pajama store have NFL’s teams logos patterned on them. You can now get your man his favorite team’s pajama and see him wear it before the next game. To add to this are satin and cotton boxers for men which will truly steal his heart away with the first wear. Comfy and easy to wear boxers are retailed at the pajama store so that you don’t have to browse through other stores when you get everything at one place. is not always about women’s pajamas and sleepwear. The online pajama store has great collection of men’s sleepwear and today we’ve written about it too. Don’t miss the wide selection of NFL logo pajamas!

Hello Kitty Sleepwear – Lots of Fun for Girlies!

Hello Kitty Play White Cami and Shorts

Hello Kitty Play White Cami and Shorts

Hello Kitty sleepwear – pajamas and cami sets are super fun for young girlies. Hello Kitty Play White Cami and Short Set is the cutest sleepwear you’d have seen by a brand. The extremely cute cami and shorts make you feel oh-so-relaxed and super chic when you wear them.

Hello Kitty is a favorite brand of sleepwear among the younger females. The online pajama store has an awesome collection of Hello Kitty sleepwear. Pajamas, shorts, sleepshirts, lounge sets, tanks, bermudas, boybrief sets and all that the brand has in store for you is designed using the most innovative and cutest ideas there are.

Play White Cami and Short Set by Hello Kitty is made using 100% cotton fabric. The shorts have an elastic waist band assuring comfort fit to the wearer along with a draw string. The cami of the sleepwear has elastic over the bodice and has non-adjustable straps. The summer wear is comfortable and looks extremely cute when you are wearing it. The Hello Kitty pattern on all Hello Kitty apparel add to the fun element of the brand.

What makes Hello Kitty your choice?

For a young girl, to answer this question is very easy. Hello Kitty is fun, cute, colorful, easy to wear, easy to take care of, very comfortable and just what you want when you wanna relax! And we know the Hello Kitty loyalists would be nodding their heads to agree to all.

Don’t keep nodding now! Go on and browse through the latest Hello Kitty sleepwear including the Hello Kitty Play White Cami and Short Set which is a great loungewear to inaugurate your Hello Kitty collection.