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Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Pjs – Women’s New Object of Love

Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Womens Pajamas

Bedhead Moroccan Paisley Blue Class Womens Pajamas

The Moroccan Paisley blue class stretch Bedhead pajamas for women scores on the following things:

1) It’s a Bedhead womens Pjs set – So the pajamas being top quality is undoubted.
2) Moroccan Paisley Print – Paisley and women have been companion since centuries and the current Moroccan Paisley print will become a feminine favorite!
3) The Blue Pink Combination – A classic winner color combination, the Moroccan Paisley on the blue class stretch pajamas will win every woman’s heart with just one look.
4) The Splashy Culture – Reminding you of the color bazaars of Morocco and the vibrant culture of the place, this womens pajama set will surely transport you to the world of comfort and Moroccan flair.

The Bedhead womens pajamas is made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and is soft on the skin like no other fabric is. If you’ve been wearing Bedhead then you will not even blink before adding it to your shopping cart. And if you’re new to the brand then the Moroccan Bedhead Paisley Blue Class is a perfect way to begin your Bedhead love.

Our new fall collection, includes the amazing Bedhead loungewear and womens pajamas in similar unique prints and patterns. Trust Bedhead to dress up women in style and comfort from head to toe!

Go for the Moroccan Paisley Blue Class womens pajamas and enjoy your leisures like never before.  And something for the not-Paisley-fans (though we doubt there are any) we have a huge line of long sleeve womens pajamas waiting for you in designs other than the paisley!

Labor Day 15% Discount Sale Announced on Summer Pajamas & Robes at Pajamas Store,

August 19th 2011, Kentucky

Special Labor Day 15% discount sale on summer pajamas, robes and wraps will be running from August 28th 2011 thru September 6th 2011 at the online pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The ‘Labor Day’ discount sale can be redeemed by using the discount coupon ‘SUMMER’ at checkout. Only one discount coupon can be used per order.

The Labor Day sale has been announced on summer pajamas, womens robes and wraps. The Pjs and sleepwear store, will soon be introducing the latest fall collection by all top Pjs brands that it retails. These include Bedhead, Frankie & Johnny, in-house family pajamas brand, SleepyHeads, Munki Munki, Aegean, Karen Neuburger and many more.

Summer pajamas and womens robes offered at 15% discount can be viewed at: and respectively. ‘Labor Day’ is observed on the first Monday of the month of September to honor workers and military men across US and the pajamas store is celebrating the Labor Day by offering the 15% discount deal on summer Pjs and wraps.

Introducing the Labor Day Discount on summer Pjs, robes and wraps, Ms. Jennifer Briscoe said, “Our summer pajamas collection was so much loved that we couldn’t let them go without offering them to you before the season ends! But this time around, the much sought after pajamas collection is available at a whopping discount of 15%! Spend the last leg of summer in super soft pajamas which are lightweight and so-sweetly summery. Or shop the super cool and beautifully designed womens robes, wraps that made your beach visits so joyful. Don those vibrant colors and funky summer patterns for the last time before we bring the fall collection of pajamas to take you through sombre season.”

“Labor Day is on the September 5th and getting summer womens pajamas and pajamas for the family at a discount of 15% is not a bad reward for your labor! The discount deal that will be running thru September 6th 2011 means that one full week of fun filled shopping and self pampering with luxurious pajamas on sale! Enjoy shopping and filling up your wardrobe with all the good stuff for the last days of summer. We assure that are cool and cuddly summer pajamas will be worthy companions to bid the summer goodbye!”

Redeem the ‘Labor Day‘ discount on summer pajamas, robes and wraps by using discount  coupon code ‘SUMMER‘ upon checkout. The 15% discount on pajamas, robes and wraps holds good through September 6th 2011.

Summer pajamas and wraps offered at 15% discount can be viewed at:

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajama brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas. pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines like the Women’s World, Max Magazine, Glamour, Life & Style, Teen Vogue and others. The Pjs store, offers free shipping on orders of and above $79.

For Information, contact:
Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Ready for Flannel Pajamas, Are We?

Flannel Pajamas

Flannel Pajamas

A slight dip in the temperature and we’re all running from one to the other corner for a comfy set of warm pajamas and with the Hurricane Irene looking enraged, we know that the summer is not going to last for long. So why not hoard for the colder months right away?, the favorite pajamas and sleepwear store brings to you a great line of long sleeved pajamas and flannel Pjs. And if you shop now, you can avail a massive 15% discount on your purchase with the discount coupon, ‘SUMMER’ upon checkout. The discount deal will be running through September 6th 2011.

The 15% discount is a special Labor Day discount deal event but even includes the latest Fall collection! won’t rest until it makes sure that you have the best pajamas on you. Shop, splurge and fill up the shopping carts like never before and get ready to welcome fall and winter all snuggled up in cozy sleepwear and pajamas!

Why Choose Flannel Pajamas?
Flannel sleepwear/ Pjs are made for colder months and offer such coziness that can’t be compared to any other. So much so that you’ll be thanking the person who first used flannel in sleepwear or pajamas. Can be worn in the Fall, winter or sometimes those raining nights of summer when the temperature dips. Further the softness that flannel Pjs are famous for feels like heaven against the skin.

The current flannel Pjs collection at includes top Pjs brands such as SleepyHeads, The Cat’s Pajamas, Bedhead, Frankie & Johnny and others.

Take a look at it, pick your favorite and make your purchase only if you’re fully satisfied. We are confident that you won’t be leaving with an empty shopping cart. Shop before the Labor Day discount ends, i.e September 6th 2011.

Start your shopping now because you never know how long will your favorite flannel pajamas pair be in stock!

Labor Day Discount Sale Running on the Pajamas Store,

Long Sleeve Pajamas - Fall Collection

Long Sleeve Pajamas - Fall Collection

If there would be a day to offer your amazing pajamas and sleepwear at discounted prices, we at will not shy away for sure! And Labor Day is a great day to offer a whopping 15% discount on summer pajamas and sleepwear. This will not leave you an option but to drop everything and shop from the awesome line of sleepwear for women, kids and men! The Labor Day Discount on our pajamas store will be running from August 28th 2011 thru September 6th 2011 and can be redeemed by using discount coupon, ‘SUMMER’ upon check out.

We are offering 15% discount on all purchases with the discount ‘SUMMER’ even on the sale items. Along with the Labor Day Discount sale, the sleepwear store for your family is also running an exclusive inventory reduction sale on summer pajamas, robes, slippers and so much more! Phew! You’ll be over the top once you see the amazing collection that you can get at such marked down prices! You can view the summer pajamas and sleepwear on sale at:

Pajamas and loungewear offered in the sale are products of famous Pjs brands such as Eberjey, Karen Neuburger, Oscar de la Renta and so many others. While women will have a hard time picking out from a hoard of their favorites, the men can too crack their heads at choosing between NFL sports pajamas or satin men’s boxers.

SleepyHeads Discount Deals: Pay Less for More Quality! discount deals must not be missed at all because you can get your much loved jammies and lots more loungewear stuff at a pocket friendly cost. Our inventory of country-wide famous sleepwear brands and loungewear labels offers a really really wide selection. You can spend on high-end pajamas or regular loungewear of your choice and be assured of a quality unmatched.

The current Labor Day Discount sale will be running from August 28th 2011 thru September 6th 2011 and will require the discount coupon ‘SUMMER’ upon checkout.

We’re waiting right here and before we forget, there’s another temptation: The New Fall Collection of Long Sleeve Pajamas at

We love to be relentless :)

Hurry, Summer Pajamas Sale on!

Summer Pajamas/ Loungewear Sale

Summer Pajamas/ Loungewear Sale

Fall is almost upon us and before it gets too cold for the sleeveless pajamas or short sleeved sleepwear in the evening, we bring to you a special collection of long sleeve pajamas from popular sleepwear brands who are out with their Fall collection at: We are not only introducing the Fall collection but are also running an inventory reduction sale on summer pajamas! Told you, could not get better than this!

Check out the summer pajamas on sale at:

Bid A Comfy Farewell to Summer
The sale is offering special discounts on womens pajamas, womens loungewear, lingerie and so much more! From the funky Eberjey to the elegant Carole Hochman the inventory reduction sale is offering you more than you would be able to take in.

The inventory reduction sale on summer pajamas includes hundreds of womens pajamas, kids sleepwear and more at marked down prices. There are men’s pajamas available too which can be purchased at discounted rates.

Summer is bidding us goodbye and summer Pjs are the best way to celebrate the parting. Get together or call your friends for that goodbye-summer pajama-party! And to skip, hop, play we’ve got slippers on sale too. Relive those sleepwear and loungewear summer memories for the last time or hoard more stuff for the next summer.

The summer sale will not leave you any excuse to not shop!

P.S – Gear up for the Labor Day Discount sale too at pajamas and sleepwear store,; running through September 6th 2011.

Get your Pair of Snuggly Shortsleeve Pajamas!

Shortsleeve Pajamas

Shortsleeve Pajamas

Shortsleeve pajamas are ideal to enjoy a cozy-dreamy sleep at night. Comfortable to wear and least-bothering you sleep, shortsleeve pajamas at are offered by many of the top designer labels. You can choose shortsleeve Pjs from Frankie & Johnny, Hello Kitty, Lazy One, Karen Neuburger, Carole Hochman and other designer labels which have been standing out in your sleepwear collection.

Pajamas and relaxing sleepwear are the inevitable choice when the time to go to bed arrives. But if wrongly chosen, the same pajamas can make that dreamy sleep into a weary nightmare. So be very careful when picking out pajamas, you don’t want to be in the wrong shape, size or style when feeling dead tired after a long day! Coming back to Shortsleeve pajamas, these are a safe choice as shortsleeves are hardly a bother and infact make the pajamas a good choice for summer months.

The shortsleeve pajama collection from is designed using high quality fabrics. Cotton, spandex, modal and a blend of other fabrics are used to make shortsleeve pajamas that snuggle and cuddle you up like the best pajamas should.

What is your comfort apparel?

What comforts you more? Shortsleeve pajamas, longsleeve pajamas, sleeveless pajamas, short length pajamas or may be just any pair of pajamas! Pajamas and sleepwear can be purchased in a wide variety and it’s on you, the wearer, to decide what comforts the most.

Get Pjs that suit you and your comfort needs at

Zip Up the Comfort with Zipper Robes at

Zipper Robes

Zipper Robes

Zipper robes at zip up the comfort for the wearer and makes sure that it stays there for a long long time. The very stylish and different from the usual bathrobes, zipper robes look great when you wear them. Soft, lush and well designed zip up robes can be purchased right at your favorite pajamas store!

Bathrobes are used in more than one ways. It’s no more just a bathing apparel and can be used as a loungewear too. Bathrobes cuddle you up after a bath and allow you to relax and enjoy the freshness gained from a bath. It does the same for you after a spa routine by snuggling up your body and restoring amazing experience of a spa!

What these zipper robes also do is also be a perfect substitute for loungewear. Wear them before getting dressed for office and wear them when you’re back from work. Don’t let your formals get dirty with all that you do at home. Let the easy to get-in and get-out zipper robes take care of all that!

Travel Friendly and Cuddly Zip Up Robes

The softy, cuddly, feather like zipper robes retailed at the online pajama store are a must have for your favorite bathrobe collection! When you are holidaying at your favorite destination, let the lovely zipper robes add cuddle to your holiday. These are travel friendly and will keep you warm in the embrace of the apparel.

Find more of zipper robes, zip front robes and more bathing apparel at We’ve got so much plush for you waiting there!

Hatley Heart Breaker Lounge Set – The Lovely Women’s Pajamas is on Sale!

Hatley Heart Breaker Womens Lounge Set

Hatley Heart Breaker Womens Lounge Set

Hatley Heart Breaker Lounge Set does not break your heart because it is on sale! Get the pretty cotton-lycra pajama at a discount on the original price of the women’s lounge set.

Hatley women’s pajamas are uniquely designed pajamas made by using great quality fabrics – mostly cotton. The Heart Breaker Lounge Set is a beautiful pajama set that has a comfortable top. The top fits you perfectly and has an all over print. The pajama pant has an elastic drawstring that makes it more adjustable. It’s a womens pajama that can guarantees looking cute as it does feeling comfy!

The pajama pant of the Hatley lounge set has an all over print – very cute red and pink hearts can bring a smile on your face. How could anyone name the lounge set a heart breaker? It is just too cute to break someone’s heart!

Women’s Sleepwear or Loungewear? We say both

The pajama set is great to be a sleepwear when you want to sleep relaxed and light. It will be your lovely loungewear when you have a day for yourself at home and all you have to do is chillax! Hatley Heart Breaker Lounge Set for women takes you on a hearty cozy tour.

Get the pretty hearts pajama set today and at the marked down price! The Hatley lounge set is offered on a special discount price for a limited period and there are other women pajamas on sale too. Hurry before the best ones get picked up!

Lazy One Infant Pajamas – No better word Befits than ‘Cutest’!

Infant Pajamas

Infant Pajamas

Do you want a bear hug? Are you bugged by the teething bites? Or is your child – the little stinker? Don’t be amazed when you read all this! This is what a Lazy One infant pajama has on it and other lines from an infant’s life. Lazy One infant pajamas are the cutest sleepwear for infants and toddlers.

Made and designed for infant and their soft bodies, these pajamas have witty yet cute lines printed on the infant pajama set which makes them all the more special. Infant pajamas by Lazy One are a perfect sleepwear/ loungewear for your little one. Wear them inside or outside the clothes, what we can assure the bubbling babies is comfort like never before. 100% cotton infant pajamas keep your child comfortable and cuddly in the embrace of the sleepwear.

Comfort for your tiny tot in Lazy One!

A child can only be comfortable when he/she feels good in what they are wearing. Pajamas by Lazy One offer them comfort along with a snugly fit. The pajamas have a convenient stretch and a child will never feel tight or stuck-up wearing these. On the contrary your little one will have enough confort to relax and be playful in the onesies.

Retailed in sizes from 6 to 18 months, let your child be free and relaxed by dressing them up in the onesies or infant pajamas by Lazy One. The brand has amazing prints and very cute animal patterns on the infant pajamas. We are sure that you will love them for your tiny tot.

Have a look at pajamas, sleepwear and loungewear for kids and adults at

Is the Bridal Lingerie Sexy or Is It Just You?

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie has amazing bridal lingerie along with other lingerie, chemises, pajama sets and all that a woman would love to have it on her. Shop pretty and oh-so-sexy bridal lingerie, nightgowns, thongs, chemises, boyshorts, bathrobes make for a great collection of lingerie for a newly wed.

Bridal lingerie that is sexy, sensuous and comforts the all new bride while adding to the excitement of being just married.‘s bridal lingerie collection is made so irresistible by sleepwear and womens lingerie brands such as Munki Munki, Mary Green, Betsey Johnson, Oscar de la Renta that is luxury in pure sense. Why settle for less when you can turn the heat on with luxurious and luscious lingerie for a bride.

Great fabrics are used while designing a piece of lingerie for women. Beautifully soft fabrics, lace trimmings, silk knitting, embroideries and so much more can be added to bridal lingerie to make it absolutely lovely!

Sleepwear for Brides – Simple yet Sensuous!

Bridal sleepwear from is an exclusive collection. Designed and tailored by top notch labels, you will love the detailing and fabrication of the sleepwear, loungewear and lingerie at the online store.

Gift it to friends, sisters or pamper yourself with the amazing bridal lingerie from the online pajama store