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BedHead Etched Rose Sateen Pajama – It’s Rosy and Satiny

BedHead Etched Rose Sateen Pajama

BedHead Etched Rose Sateen Pajama

BedHead Etched Rose Sateen Pajama is an something that a women cannot afford to miss. The womens pajamas set is pretty and features an overall print hard to resist for anyone with a women’s heart. If pink is your favorite color and roses bring a smile on your face then this pajama set by Bedhead is tailor made for you!

Very well cut and crafted with feminine lover BedHead pajama set will fit and flow on your skin. The rosy pink color and the etched roses pattern makes the loungewear a beautiful piece of fabric to own. The pajama set by Bedhead is made of 100% sateen cotton. It has an all over print and piping at the ends of the pajama and top. The button up top ensures a smooth shirt-like look while the pajama pant has a drawstring in the front and an elastic waist band at the back for comfy fit.

Bedhead pajamas are an assurance of comfort in themselves. These are designed keeping in mind comfort,fashion, wearability, ease of wearing the apparel and all that can make a women find peace on any day. And the rosy and satiny pajama set by BedHead is a perfect example!

Soft Sateen Cotton Pajamas

Sateen cotton pajamas are amde from soft and skin friendly. It is a fabric that will comfort the wearer in all seasons. The wearable qualities of cotton blended with the elegance of silk sateen makes the womens pajamas set one of it’s beautiful kind.

Get great fabrics, amazing designs and lovely patterns of pajamas, sleepwear and loungewear at a pajamas store that understands your need for comfort and gets you what can fulfill it – (

Collegiate Wear – Now that is Cool!

Collegiate Wear

Collegiate Wear

Collegiate wear at is a great collection to show your loyalty for your alma mater! We’ve got sleepshirts for different States and their universities in the USA. Now that’s cool, ain’t it? Get your State’s, your university’s t-shirt and tell others why you absolutely love it!

Super cool, smart and comfortable sleepshirts have been made available by the brand – Emerson Street that are just so hard to say no to. Made in USA, these sleepshirts are a perfect wear to your college, especially when you are new and want to belong instantly. Collegiate wear by Emerson Street is made of 100% cotton and has another surprise- a bottle cover! Emerson Collegiate wear will become your favorite with the first wear!

What more you can do with made in USA sleepshirts?

  • You and your friends can wear the same t-shirt to college on particular days and flaunt your own unique style and of course loyalty!
  • You can have an all girls collegiate wear pajama/ sleepshirts party and you know these will comme extremely handy.
  • You can wear the t-shirt to your next marathon or any other college sports event.
  • Wear the collegiate wear sleepshirt while performing for an event and let everyone know where you’re from.
  • The very comfy t-shirts are comfortable for a gym routine or a game against the rivals!

There are so many ways of flaunting the amazing collegiate wear sleepshirts. Now how to do that best is on you! Find sleepshirts, t-shirts and more at the online pajama store,

The Hot and Comfy Cami and Crop Pants Sets

Cami and Crop Pant Set

Cami and Crop Pant Set

Cami and crop pant pajama sets at are sensuous and comfy! The sexy, pretty and wearable pajama sets we retail are made by designer labels and brands that are top of the game. These include Oscar de la Renta, Lilly Pulitzer, Josie by Natori, PJ Salvage and more.

These smooth and soft cami and crop pants are made using 100% cotton fabric. Comfortable against the skin, the pajama sets can help you enjoy leisure and your night pursuits with as much ease and convenience that you need. The comfort zone is not far away when you wearing one of these beauties. These make the perfect summer pajama sets for girls.

What makes for a complete pajama set?

Cami and crop pant sets from popular brands help women and girls accomplish all their routine tasks and have all the fun they want while feeling absolutely comfortable. Keeping in mind both comfort and look of the pajama sets, designers use pretty lace trimmings on the sleepwear. Lace trimmings and embroidery make the cami and crop pant sets look so sweet and stylish.

Along with adding to the design of the pajamas, the designers also work on the comfort of these apparel by offering the wearer adjustable cami straps and elastic waist bands in crop pants. Some camis also have elastic around bodice for support and that desirable fit! This is how a women’s pajama set – cami and crop pants is made functional for a wearer.

Not just cami and crop pants sets for girls, we have a huge collection of women’s pajamas! Need to upgrade your wardrobe? Shop at for your favorite pajamas and womens Pjs.

Frankie & Johnny Plus Size Pajamas – Comfort in Size Plus

Plus Size Pajamas

Plus Size Pajamas

Plus size pajamas by Frankie & Johnny are something that women would love to spend their time in! The women’s pajamas are comfortable for fuller women and allow them to enjoy a good night’s sleep in their plus-size pajamas.

Women are sometimes unable to find pajamas in their size! But no more, because we’ve got the best plus size collection of pajamas and by top brands. Plus size pajamas for women by Frankie & Johnny and other brands at our store are so much fun and cool! Choose according to your color, theme or print preferences; because we have it all.

Enduring Pajamas and Loungewear from Frankie & Johnny

Frankie & Johnny offers a wide line of plus size pajamas for women along with other brands retailing their plus size pajama collection. Frankie & Johnny plus size pajamas have great prints and designs. Pajamas, lounger pajamas, capri pants and other sleepwear in plus sizes is available too. Just find the print that strikes your eyes and get it now!

Frankie & Johnny the designer brand is popular for the comfy and soft fabrics. Plus size pajamas too by the brand are lush and enduring. The pajamas and loungewear are made of 100% poplin cotton making them wearable in all seasons.

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Sleep Comfy in Sleepshirts and Gowns

Sleepshirts and Gowns

Sleepshirts and Gowns

Sleepshirts are cute! These are lovely and adorable. Sleepshirts and gowns offer amazing comfort to girls and women. You just slip into the comfy and cuddly sleepshirts simply to dream off to a good night sleep! has lovely sleepshirts by designer brands that are comfortable to stay in and go off to sleep. Sleepshirts and gowns by Bedhead, Frankie & Johnny, Carole Hochman, Relevant, Karen Neuburger and other brands are designed using great fabrics that add to the comfort and solace of a sleepshirt.

Pajamas have their own convenience but for girls, sleepshirts become their favorite sleepwear as soon as they get in them for the very first time. You can be yourself and just relax in sleepshirts and gowns.

What comforts you more – Gowns or Sleepshirts?

Gowns are more classy and elegant when you compare them to sleepshirts. Gowns are long, flowing and are generally designed keeping in mind women. Sleepshirts are more fun, exciting and target young girls. Though there’s no hard and fast rule to the preference but that’s just some of the nuances that designers keep in mind when targeting a particular product.

Gowns make you look sexy, sassy, elegant and very charming! Sleepshirts on the other hand are chic, pretty and very girlie. Both are high on the comfort level though. So it’s on you now to make the choice and see what suits you more – Gowns or Sleepshirts. Get both at the online pajama store,

10% Store Wide ‘Back to School’ Discount Announced at the Pajamas Store

August 11th 2011, Kentucky

‘Back to School’ 10% store wide discount is being offered by the online pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The 10% off on the entire sleepwear and loungewear collection is announced to celebrate ‘back to school savings event’ at the website. To avail the special 10% off on all pajamas and sleepwear at the online pajama store use discount coupon code ‘SCHOOL’ at checkout. The 10% storewide discount will be running through August 22nd 2011 and is redeemable on the entire collection of womens pajamas, kids pajamas and men’s sleepwear. is an online pajamas and sleepwear retailer that houses a wide collection of pajamas for women, kids and men by top pajamas brands. The online store has recently updated is inventory by adding new line from most famous Pjs brands such as Bedhead,Carole Hochman and others. The special ‘Back to School’ discount sale is offered to celebrate the beginning of the new school year and presenting freshers and seniors a great comfy semester with the best pajamas available. The 10% discount can be redeemed on sleepwear accessories, bath robes and other accessories from

Also running at the online pajama store is a summer sale on select pajamas. The sale on select sleepwear, loungewear, lingerie and accessories is subject to stocks in supply.

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from wished the freshers a lot of luck and said, “We are happy to bring you the ‘back to school savings event’. A 10% discount can be availed on the entire pajamas store – all pajamas, sleepwear, lingerie and accessories. Freshers, seniors can shop whatever they want and stock for all the fun at the school. And while the school fun keeps them cheerful through the year, our comfy pajamas will keep them relaxed and well rested post the grueling study sessions. Begin the school year with a lot of hopes and positive attitude and our varied pajamas and sleepwear collection will do the rest! We offer you 9 days of extreme excitement as you get to shop your favorite pajamas at a flat 10% discount. The ‘Back to School’ savings event also offers bath robes and other sleepwear accessories at 10% marked down price!”

The pajamas store also offers Free Shipping on $79 worth of purchases except for purchases completed by using a discount coupon. This is because only one discount coupon can be used per purchase. To redeem free shipping on your orders, enter code ‘FREESHIP’ in the on checkout. Read more about shipping and delivery at:

“We retail leading brands like Frankie & Johnny, Hello Kitty, Munki Munki, BedHead, Karen Neuburger, Oscar de la Renta and more. All these brands are popular for their comfort quotient, high quality fabrics, great designs and of course great looks! Our Pjs will please you and become a permanent member of your wardrobe!”

The 10% discount under the ‘Back to School’ Savings event can be availed on any pajamas and sleepwear available at Discount coupon code ‘SCHOOL’ is to be used at checkout.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajama brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas. pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines like the Women’s World, Max Magazine, Glamour, Life & Style, Teen Vogue and others.

For Information, contact:

Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Full Sleeved and Comfy – The Cat’s Pajamas

Cherries Pink Pajama Set

Cherries Pink Pajama Set

The Cat’s Pajamas Cherries Pink Pajama is a lovely pink pajama with cherries spilled all over. By spilling cherries we mean, cherries printed all over the pajama set. Doesn’t that sound cute and lovely?

A cute pair of pajamas that looks pretty, fits well, offers comfort and has a great design has to be someone’s awesome creation! Cherries Pink Pajama by The Cat’s Pajamas is one of those pajama sets that makes you want to get it in your closet.

The designer pajama is made of 100% poplin cotton so that it is soft and smooth on the skin. The longsleeve top makes the pajama set comfy for all seasons. Such a pajama set is ideal to carry along while you are traveling as you can wear them conveniently even when others are around.

Different shades of pink in the Cherries Pink Pajama

Cherries Pink Pajama is an attractive pajama set because of the way it has been designed. Light pink base and red cherries all over the pajama set allow different shades of pink on the same sleepwear, making it all the more beautiful. The blend of colors on the brand’s nightwear is something amazing to see!

Get this pretty pink pajamas in your sleepwear wardrobe before the pinky pajama set becomes really common. Checkout pajamas, sleepwear, lingerie and more at

The Fun Emerson Street Sleepwear

Emerson Street

Emerson Street

Emerson Street sleepwear is a whole lot of fun! Nightshirts made of 100% cotton, Emerson Street has stuff that you would love to wear to college too. The brand has some witty designers at their end and make sleepwear that makes you laugh.  The ladies will love it for sure. Funny quotes, out of the box ideas and different designs make Emerson Street loved a lot by youngsters. has a wide line of sleepwear to cater to different people and their tastes. Emerson Street is an altogether different line that pleases both young gals and hippie adults. Nightshirts by the brand take no time to become your favorite.

Nightshirts by the brand are offered at the online pajama store for all sizes. Mostly one size fits all and it looks amazing. Emerson offers a great collection of sleepshirts and womens sleepwear; one that is unique in thought and funky in reality.

Nightshirts – Comfortable these are!

Sleepwear nightshirts are very comfortable to wear at night. Sleepshirts let you sleep fully relaxed without the unnecessary tugging for comfort. Just put those sleepshirts on and enjoy a comfy sleep for the whole night. Girls of all age groups love nightshirts and sleepshirts. Emerson Street has some grove and street smartness that is sure to divert your mind from pinks and floral patterns.

Find funny, creative & amazing nightshirts and sleepshirts by Emerson Street at

Elegant and Classy Sleepwear by Eberjey

Eberjey Intimates

Eberjey Intimates

Eberjey the sleepwear brand offers classy and elegant sleepwear for women. Chemises, babydoll, boyshorts, pajamas, briefs and a lot more is presented, exclusively for women by the brand. Eberjey has a classy collection of sleepwear for women that please you at the very first sight.

Chemises and sleepwear by Eberjey are designed using soft colors and elegant patterns. Perfect for a woman of good taste, womens sleepwear from Eberjey is made of fabrics like cotton, viscose etc. Sleepwear intimates are very comfortable to wear when these are designed well and a good fabric is used to make them. Eberjey qualifies on the both the criteria and makes for a great sleepwear.

Amazing use of color palette by Eberjey

What attracts you most about Eberjey is the color scheme used in the designing of the sleepwear! Light and soft colors are used that are pleasing yet attractive for a woman’s taste. Simple prints, classy patterns and lovely color scheme is scene in the Eberjey sleepwear collection.

The brand has a wide line of sleepwear intimates that can make a good place in your wardrobe. Also get them for your travel bags if your next destination needs you to look sexy and sensational! Eberjey sleepwear makes you look awesome.

Find more about what Eberjey has to offer at the online pajama store,

Wedding Robes and Wraps – Wrap in Specialness!

Wedding Robes

Wedding Robes

Exclusivity is one thing that is assured at the online pajamas store, Get amazing wedding robes and wraps at our online store. Wedding robes are a great idea to add specialness to the wedding registry of a girl! And why not include a surprise addition? Add the bride’s name to the bathrobe and surprise her with this pleasant gesture of yours.

You can get the bride’s name embroidered on the bath robe by choosing for the ‘add embroidery’ option upon checkout. This is very simple and easy. Wedding robes, bride robes, bath robes for couples and wedding wraps make an awesome wedding gift So now you know what you have to wrap in that beautiful box for your friend’s wedding!

Bath Robe for Bride Groom

And it’s not just the bride hogging all the attention, the online pajama store has bathrobes for bride grooms too. Bathrobes for grooms are classy and designed using great fabrics. You can add embroidery to groom’s bath robe too by following the same procedure.

Gifting the newly wed couple with pure bliss in plush fabrics (read: bathrobes) is something that is thoughtful and so sweet. After all that hustle bustle of the wedding, even the couple needs to relax and what could be better than wrapping themselves in the luxurious fabric of the wedding bathrobes! The softness of the bathrobes at is indeed special.

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