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September 8th 2011, Kentucky

10% store wide discount has been announced at the online pajamas store, ( The 10% discount at entire site has been announced to welcome fall and the fresh stock for the season at the website. The store wide 10% discount at can be availed by using the discount coupon code ‘FALL’ at checkout.  The ‘Fall’ 10% discount offer holds good through september 11th 2011 till september 19th 2011. Only one coupon code is valid per purchase and the discount coupon cannot be used in combination with any other.

Fall Pajamas line at is offering flannel pajamas and Pjs in other fabrics  with long sleeves. To view the long sleeves pajamas collection at, visit: Flannel Pjs at the pajamas store can be purchased at:

The latest Fall line comprises of long sleeve pajamas from popular brands such as: Bedhead, Frankie & Johnny, PJ Salvage, SleepyHeads, Karen Neuburger, and others. The discount offer has been specially announced to introduce fall collection.

The Fall pajamas inventory is made special by top pajamas brands offering their latest designs, patterns and fall themed pajamas and sleepwear.

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from announced the 10% store wide discount saying, “The fall has arrived and so has our amazing flannel pajamas collection! Fall brings a change of season and we bring warm, cozy and absolutely amazing pajamas to enjoy the transition from summer to winter. Get loungewear, kid’s pajamas and lots more to keep yourself guarded against the change in season. Get 10% discount on all pajamas and sleepwear at our Pjs store from September 11h 2011 through September 19th 2011.

Further talking about the Fall flannel pajamas collection, Jennifer said, “Plaid pajamas, footed pajamas, sleepshirts, loung sets and more have been added to the flannel pajamas inventory to make the colder season breeze past without making you uncomfortable. Flannel is your best friend when summers decend to fall and eventually the winter season. A very cozy and comforting fabric, flannel keeps you warm and we know how enjoyable it is in the embrace of pure luxury!”

In addition, the pajamas store is also running a inventory reduction sale on select pajamas and sleepwear. Sale on select sleepwear, loungewear, lingerie and accessories at the pajamas store can be viewed at:

“Flannel pajamas are a treat that you should definitely surprise yourself with! The 10% discount on the entire website offers you to shop all favorite pajama brands and fabrics that you love. So why not choose flannel pajamas that keep you warm and cozy-up this winter! Replenish your pajama wardrobe with wonderful and latest flannel pajamas now available.”

The 10% discount on the pajamas this ‘Fall’ will be running from September 11th 2011 through September 19th 2011. The Fall discount can be availed by using ‘FALL’ at checkout at the time of purchase. The discount coupon cannot be used in combination with other discount coupons.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajama brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas. pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines like the Women’s World, Max Magazine, Glamour, Life & Style, Teen Vogue and others. The sleepwear store offers free shipping on every order of and above $79.

For Information, contact:

Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

Croon like a baby in Footed Pajamas

Footed Pajamas

Footed Pajamas

When we hear Footed Pajamas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Kids wearing footed pajamas and enjoying a cozy time. But nowadays, footed pajamas are no more worn only by kids instead they are worn by kids of all ages. Yes, thats right, brings to you an amazing collection of footed pajamas for men, women and kids by the most popular pajama brands. Footed pajamas are the warmest pajamas which give you a soft and cozy feel and also lets you save on your electricity bills. The footed pajamas takes you to the old days of childhood  and lets you relive those cuddly fun moments once again.

Why do you need footed pajamas?

With the change in season and fall coming soon, everyone loves to spend some extra minutes in the bed to enjoy that warm and cuddly feel. Now you can also get a chance to enjoy the same feel all day long, with the adorable footed pajamas.

Footed pajamas for men and women come in all sizes and are worn by all ages. Footed pajamas not only keep you soft and cozy, but they are also very cute looking. So, don’t feel shy wearing the very cute and comfy footed pajamas anymore. The cozy fabric of these pajamas keeps your body heat intact and gives you comfy and cuddly sleep.

The amazing footed pajamas line at comes in different patterns, soothing colors for men like plaid, camouflage and more, perky and cute colors for men and kids, great themes and styles. These warm footed pajamas also make a great Christmas gift for your loved ones. Browse from the exclusive collection of footed pajamas at to buy warm and cuddly footed pajamas for every member of your family.

Welcome to Wardrobe – Frankie & Johnny Flannel Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny Flannel Pajamas

Frankie & Johnny Flannel Pajamas

Let’s bid adieu to all summer fabrics as we welcome fall this year! Fall will eventually lead to winter so it’s the right time to prepare your wardrobe for the most appropriate sleepwear. Frankie & Johnny flannel pajamas are the best sleepwear option for fall and winters.

Heavenly soft and comfortable Frankie & Johnny pajamas are a great way to relax and be warm. F & J are a hot favorite when it comes to pajamas and Frankie & Johnny flannel pajamas too are awesome. As winters arrive, flannel pajamas wrap you with their embrace. 100% cotton flannel pajamas by Frankie & Johnny are very comfortable to wear.

Longsleeve Pajamas by Frankie & Johnny

Frankie & Johnny flannel longsleeve pajamas, sleepwear, lounge set and more are a part of the inventory offered at the pajama store. Flannel sleepwear is the most appropriate option when summers give way to colder months. The all new collection of flannel pajamas at will offer you comfort like never before. Your love for F & J will increase and not be any lesser when you fall in lap of luxury with the designer label’s pajamas.

Flannel is a great fabric and so is cotton flannel. Feel of cotton and warmth of flannel come with pajamas and sleepwear designed using cotton flannel. The longsleeve pajamas and sleepshirts at the pajama store keep you warm with the wrapping of the flannel fabric.

Get Frankie & Johnny flannel pajamas to welcome fall and the all the fuzzy softness and warmth it demands. Find flannel pajamas and more at

What’s really better than a pair of Socks!

Socks - Warm & Cozy

Socks - Warm & Cozy

It’s seldom that a day goes by when you haven’t enjoyed thoroughly, the comfort of slipper socks. But then, just to keep it different you have got to keep moving from Kashwere slipper socks, to a pair of Snoozies or Life is Good slipper socks. Because really, each of those, whether red, black or striped make you feel different in their own slippery-socky way. And just sometimes it comes down to the fact that you want a theme to your wool socks, and if polka dots or cat lover isn’t enough choice then you might want to try the Daisies Raspberry or Good Women’s Heart themes among others, all of it from!

And it’s not only you we are talking about, because afterall what socks your kids will don is as important to us as you are. Kids like to run around, have loads of fun without thinking much about how they are really looking, but getting them the exact pair of kids socks which will make their attire look complete isn’t a bad idea. Our slipper socks collection features lovely prints and patterns for the kids.

Whether it’s socks for men or socks for women we have constant inflow of a variety of colors and themes not only when it comes to slipper socks but also socks shoes, ankle and toe socks. Also, feel free to check our other products here. Fall Sale Event 2011! 10% Storewide Discount

If not us, the pajamas champs, then who else will facilitate the transition from summer to fall? So here it is the collection and the whopping discount offer, we’re sure you were waiting for it! The discount offer will be running from September 11th 2011 through September 19th 2011.

This discount deal on Fall pajamas and all other kind of loungewear can be availed by using discount coupon ‘FALL’ at checkout.

It’s time to cozy up, literally, and the long sleeve pajamas offered in the latest Fall line comprising of sleepwear and pajamas brands such as Bedhead, SleepyHeads, Frankie & Johnny and others are the perfect Pjs to turn the heat on this Fall and winter season.

We’re offering special long sleeves pajamas and sleepwear for women and men, which can be viewed at: and!

The Fall Pajamas Discount – Get 10% discount on Latest Pajamas & Sleepwear Too

Discounts can be better enjoyed and are appreciated more when they can be availed on the latest offerings! Isn’t it?

What’s the use of offering a discount on summer pajamas when you won’t be buying or needing them for another 8-9 good months? It’s time to shop for winter/ fall pajamas and a 10% discount on them will prove to be nothing short of an answer to your prayers.

Get pajamas for women, men and the kiddies and stock before the holiday shopping spree begins.’s Fall discount will be running through September 19th 2011 and begins on September 11th 2011. And to get your favorite pajamas at discounted prices, use discount coupon ‘FALL’ at checkout.

Shop, save and smile @ today!

Funky and Trendy Emerson Street Nightshirts

Emerson Nightshirts Sleepshirts

Emerson Nightshirts Sleepshirts

Funky nightshirts by Emerson Street are a favorite of many women as these bring a smile/ wink or a wicked curve on their faces, every time they wear it. The cool sleepshirts for women feature witty humorous sayings, fun designs and cartoons of Emerson Quillin who happens to know about women and what her life is made of quite a lot.

The funky patterns of these women sleep shirts are related to the everyday life of the women like aging, excessive shopping, coffee, men and alcohol and many more. Nothing erases your stress and seriousness like slipping in Emerson Street nightshirts. These sleep shirts not only make you laugh at yourself, it also lightens your mood and gives a relaxing feel. The soft and soothing fabric is sure to give you a pleasurable sleep like never before.

Emerson Street Sleep Shirts – The Hottest Wear For Any Season

Escape the heat of the summers by slipping into these ultra-soft and airy nightshirts or use them as  undershirts for your fleecy robes and bed jackets in winter. The cherry on the top is that you can get the comfort and style all together in the  funky Emerson Street nightshirts.

Our exclusive collection of Emerson Street sleepwear for women includes pajama sets and nightshirts. The adorable sleep shirts by Emerson Street are “One size fit garments” which not only makes you fit into a large t-shirt every night for a comfy sleep but it can also be a great gift to your friend.  These 100% cotton nightshirts and pajamas have soft and comfy fabrics, capturing every heart!

Every night shirt by Emerson Street comes with a matching cotton bag with same message printed on both. Emerson Street offers an amazing line of collegiate nightshirts as well. Now, you can enjoy the feeling of wearing your favorite college’s logo shirt to bed every night. Wear the trendy Emerson Street nightshirts and pajamas to let the fun begin!

Longsleeve Pajamas for Men – The ‘Fall’ has Arrived!

Men's Longsleeve Pajamas

Men's Longsleeve Pajamas

As Fall arrives and we bid adieu to scorching summers, longsleeve pajamas are back in our wardrobe! But don’t you think you need a new collection of longsleeve pajamas this fall? Or did we just made you realize that? Whatever it is, the new line of longsleeve pajamas for men has been added to the inventory at the online family pajamas store and it sure will make you want to have it on you or in your drawer as soon as possible.

Pajamas that have always been your best friends get replaced in your wardrobe by newer ones of their own kind with changing seasons and at we ensure that novelty is definitely an improvement on the previous ones. In summers the design and fabric of the pajamas change from what we prefer in the winters and other seasons. And that is how longsleeve pajamas for men become a part of your shopping plans. Men may not have time to think about all this, so it’s you who has to shop for your man’s fall wear – longsleeve pajamas before they start feeling the chill outside.

Cotton men’s pajamas – Wear them all year long!

There is one fabric that goes along with us in all seasons and that is cotton. Pajamas, sleepwear, loungewear made of cotton can be worn during all seasons. Pajamas made of cotton, Egyptian cotton, knit cotton, cotton blend and more make for great fall wear. Longsleeve pajamas at the online pajama store are also designed using both cotton and flannel fabrics.

Flannel is warm and cotton is for all seasons. Now it’s upto you to choose and add new sleepwear to your wardrobe. Wide line of men’s longsleeve pajamas are retailed at the online pajama store, Also, browse for sports pjs for men and footed pajamas for men and you’ll find something to prepare for the wintry season.

Everyone Loves Warm & Cozy Long Sleeve Pajamas

Long Sleeve Pajamas

Long Sleeve Pajamas

Fall is almost upon us and winter would be knocking the door soon,! There won’t be any better time to buy long sleeve pajamas!

Whether it is the colder nights of summers or the cold months of winters, you can stay warm and cozy in long sleeve pajamas., the premier pajamas and sleepwear store offers you an amazing collection of long sleeve pajamas for women and men. So, why to wait for winters?

Shop now for the soft and comfy women’s long sleeve pajamas and give a happy ending to your tedious day. Made up from soft and fine fabric, we have an extensive collection of long sleeve pajamas by all the popular brands. The ladies will especially love the women’s long sleeve pajamas retailed at our store, as they can keep it protected from the drying effects of air conditioner and keep it soft and soothing in ultra-comfortable long sleeve pajamas. The men don’t have to have the long face because the pajmas store also offers a huge collection of men’s long sleeve pajamas too.

Travel friendly & Your favorite companion

A perfect companion for holiday, long sleeve Pjs gives you a cuddly warm and cozy feel that takes off all your tiredness and makes you strenuous again. brings to you women’s and men’s long sleeve pajamas in different colors, styles and designs. The coziness and warmth that you get from long sleeve pajamas is beyond comparison.

So, if you just want to lounge at your couch or grab the first cup of morning coffee in cold winters, long sleeve pajamas can give you a warm and cuddly feel which you’ll surely love. These comfy sleepwear can be worn when there is a slight dip in temperature like during the raining nights of the summers , fall or winters.

The softness of these pajamas gives you a warm, calming and soothing experience. Long sleeve pajamas is not only an essential part of your wardrobe but it can also be a great gift to your wife. The new collection of men’s and women’s long sleeve pajamas comes in wide variety and makes sure that you get warmth and style together.  Browse through our fantastic collection of long sleeve pajamas for men and women and choose your favorite pick.

If Men’s Boxers are the way you Roll, Read on..

Men's Boxers

Men's Boxers

The age of men’s boxers has long been here. It’s not like old times when boxers or men’s briefs were all but a dream for a tired man who, after coming home from work desperately searched for a piece of cloth in which he could eat, take a walk and sleep without worrying about it looking too much like men’s underwear. makes it easy for the entire men’s population by making available desired fabrics such as Silk Boxers, Cotton Boxers and Flannel Boxers. But the real story behind what goes on inside the heart of the man is what a boxer makes him feel, and we can tell you that better than anyone else, because we have made available not only shades like Green Enamel, Green Black & Green Paisely, but also lighter tones of On-The-Fly Boxers in Blue and Green.

The icing on the cake on this whole thing is that if you have an NFL Team you support, we have a range of NFL Team Boxers whether its Washington Redskins Boxers or New York Jets Boxers or any other team who you prefer watching while in the top box(er?).

Here’s what you can do if boxers are the way you roll. Check out our collection for whatever fabric, type and size of men’s boxer you are looking for and it won’t be anytime before they make their way into your room and then your closet. Just click here to start your search!

P.S – We know that apart from men’s boxers, men’s pajamas and loungewear is also what makes the stay-at-home time so wonderful and that’s why we offer a huge line of men’s Pjs too:

Life is Good Hibiscus Lounge Set for Girls – Fun Goes Pink and Green

Life is Good Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set

Life is Good Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set

Fun has a new color at Life is Good pajama collection! Fun goes pink and green with Life is Good Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set. The lounge set retailed in all sizes contours a girl’s body for a perfect fit. Snuggly pajamas and sleepwear by Life is Good are popular for their amazing designs and high quality fabrics.

Life is Good Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set is a treat for girls in pink and green. The flame resistant girls lounge set is a lot of fun as you wear it on. Firstly, flame resistant pajamas are safe for younger girls and most importantly, the lounge set matches a girl’s personality. Plaid tee with a flower print and all over printed pajama pants make a girlie combination lounge set.

100% polyester pajamas and sleepwear are designed by Life is Good. The Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set by Life is Good is also made of polyester making it warm and conforming. Polyester is a skin enduring fabric and makes you fall in love with the lounge set.

Wide line of pajamas by Life is Good

Life is Good, the designer label has a wide line of pajamas, loungewear and sleepwear for you. Find pajamas for your entire family in the pajama collection by the brand. Life is Good Girls Hibiscus Lounge Set is a really nice one for the girl in your house.

Find amazing pajamas and sleepwear by Life is Good in our selection of pajamas at