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Caution! New Pajamas are here to Take Your Breath Away

New Pajamas

New Pajamas

You know how they say, especially when fall is at your doorstep, that its time for your winter shopping spree! We are keeping up to that. We know you want holiday pajamas, Christmas pajamas or perhaps just sleepwear for winters. So here’s what our new arrivals section has in store for you.

We know you’re looking for not only pajamas, but sleepshirts, lingerie, robes and wraps and all the other nice and cozy products that we have been making available for you. And yes, you guessed it right, all of those are now availale for purchase in the new arrivals line.

Consider for example the Sassimi Lanai Bamboo Tunic & Flare Loungeset which is nice, new, comfy and available for you in more colors than one. Not far behind are our all new Furry Footies in Pink; fluffy and super soft. They are sure to attract you for the comfort and feel they give to your pretty feet. Another star attraction you will find here is the Matching Pink Star & Doll nightgown which is sure take your pretty girl’s breath away. It makes for an absolute cracker of a Christmas gift.  New Arrivals

Of course, the good old Polka Dot and Polar Bear sleepshirts are back in a new avatar and the Toute La Nuit Empire Nighty is the sexiest apparel you can don this fall. The Toute La Nuit is in fact a surprise you don’t come across very often except ofcourse on the pajamas store,

What about our very own Robes and Wraps you may ask? Bedhead, Pendergrass and Hello Kity are bringing together a cute and cuddly collection this fall, and you need to get yours before its too late. And while you are at it, you musn’t miss the new lingerie from  Betsey Johnson & Ongosammer which has been taken too a new level of style and comfort.

Like all our collections, our new arrivals will not only surprize you but please you with their magical appeal. This fall is going be the best, because thats just how much we love you, and you know you can count on us whether its dawn or dusk, summer or winter, a wedding, an anniversary or just another day in the year when you can find something worthwhile on

Shea Butter Body Lotion by Terra Nova – An Ultimate Remedy for Dry Skin

Terra Nova Body Lotion
Terra Nova Body Lotion

Good bye dry skin and welcome soft and glowing skin with Shea Butter Body Lotion by Terra Nova. We offer other lifestyle products too apart from sleepwear and pajamas! Surprised? Shouldn’t be…. because is about making you feel better :)

Shea Butter Body Lotion by Terra Nova is a rich creamy body lotion that sinks in right away leaving your skin ultra-soft and smooth. The super-moisturizing formula is enriched with 5% Shea butter which hydrates and renews dry and depleted skin.

A perfect way to kick start your day, Shea Butter Body Lotion is blended with calendula, aloe vera, and comfrey that gives comfort and calmness throughout the day. The anti-oxidant vitamins A and E, plus vitamin D give your skin a smooth and glowing feel. The majestic and pleasant scent of Shea Blossom, lightens your face and day. The wonderful body lotion is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. Nurture your skin with Shea Butter Body Lotion by Terra Nova for a soft, shining and glowing skin.

For soft and soothing skin

Everyone gets very choosy when it comes to body lotions. This is because we all have our own skin types and all the products don’t suit all types. But, with winters at the doorstep almost everyone suffers from dry lines, rough, dull and flaky skin. If you’re also one of those who have dry skin and looking for bath products that can handle your skin gently then butter up your skin with Shea Butter Body Lotion. This hydrating skin remedy, relieves skin of roughness and flakiness.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your skin with Terra Nova Shea Butter Body Lotion this winter for a long-lasting moisturizing and smooth feel like never before.

Get bath and body products by Terra Nova and other popular brands at not just a pajamas store!

Sleepyheads Infant Footed Pajamas – Cozy Up for the Winters

Infant Footed Pajamas

Infant Footed Pajamas

Sleepyheads Infant Snowflake Red Flannel Footed Pajamas are a must have this winter season for your tiny tot. The amazingly cute and extremely warm footed pajamas by SleepyHeads are the perfect apparel to stay warm this winter season!

We know how difficult it can be to take kids out when the temperature falls down. Sleepyheads understands that and takes care of your worry by designing wonderful footed pajamas for infants. Sleepyheads Infant Snowflake Red Flannel Footed Pajamas are warm, comfy, cuddly and extremely cute. Let your infant rest in the snuggle of the flannel footed pajamas and the winter chill will be far away from him.

It’s important to take care of an infant when winters are around the corner and infant footed pajamas seem like the best way out to keep your kid warm. All mothers trust footed pajamas to wrap up their little one in lushness and warmth!

Fall in love with the Red Footed Pajamas
And for all the right reasons, you will fall in love with the red footed pajamas for infant by SleepyHeads. The pajamas are made of 100% cotton flannel and that means the little dude/damsel will be extremely warm in the pajamas. The non-skid sole of the infant footed pajamas also makes it a great apparel if your tiny tot has already started running around the house. The non-skid sole of the footed pajamas won’t let your child slip or skid on wet or slippery floor.

Get Sleepyheads Infant Snowflake Red Flannel Footed Pajamas today and relieve your child from piling layers and layers of clothes.

Shop flannel footed pajamas available for purchase at

Oscar de la Renta Chemises are Designed to Lure

Oscar de la Renta Chemises

Oscar de la Renta Chemises

If it’s comfort on your mind, we know what you are thinking about. Chemises are an extremely comfortable women’s sleepwear and you enjoy every snooze of your sleep in them.

Chemises are special, sexy and wonderful because:

Great Designs: What makes chemises all the more lovely are the designs and detailing that designers come up with these days! Quite evident in Oscar de la Renta sleepwear collection. The designer label has an amazing line of chemises that are crafted to kill. Pretty and sensuous cuts, lace trimmings, detailing and a lot more can be seen in the Oscar de la Renta chemises. Designed using a variety of fabrics such as the designer sleepwear is wearable all through the year. You can wear the Oscar de la Renta chemises in winters as well. The travel friendly sleepwear option will become your favorite as soon as you spend one night in their cozy embrace.

Comfort: And to add to the sexy sleepwear is the immense comfort that these offer. For women, chemises mean a great and relaxing time! Along with making you look sexy, these allow you to be yourself. You can thoroughly enjoy the relaxation offered by the Oscar de la Renta sleepwear which is designed using high end fabrics and well cut designs!

Be Yourself: In a sleepwear so comfy, who wants to think about the hectic next day at work. Just break free from your boring routine and let each day pass by with ease and comfort. Oscar de la Renta chemises will be a great help. has an amazing collection of designer sleepwear and of course the lovely chemises. Pick your favorite!

What good is our Cosmetic Bag collection?

Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic Bags

Where else in the world would you find the Koo Koo Mom to be Pink Striped Costmetic bag? And as you ponder over the question let us try and explain to you what an asset a beautiful a cosmetic bag can be. First of all, it’s a no-shock that you definitely need. Would you let your cosmetics just be in a dingy old bag? Of course not! We know you need a great looking and feeling costmetic bag which is as beautiful from the outside as it is on thie inside, and does not keep you from being at your absolute best when you put your cosmetics on.

So going straight to what matters, we know you look for variety and choice when shopping shopping cosmetic bags. Whether it’s colors like pink, blue or any other color under the sun, or nice & pretty designs, maybe made of cloth or leather, we have what you want.

Some of our customers prefer Red, Coral and Olive wristlets if you prefer them small and handy so that they can fit in your bag. Life is Good makes those wristlets nice and shiny with pretty flowers and hearts on them.

The man’s Best Friend Cosmetic bags are available in colors & photos, some of them might actually be found in sets of multiple pieces. Mud Pie offers a lovely cosmetic bag for the Maid of Honor!

There are a lot  more Cosmetic Bags to choose from

Ideally, when we are talking about costmetic bags thats all one would have to say but we will go ahead, because whatever it is, you have got to make a style statement, and you need to buy what adds to your personality & fashion. And just for that Nick & Nora have brought out a hip and stylish range of cosmetic bags, not only for regular use but for travellers as well. They infact are offering a Travel pack!

Does it end there? Not at all, because Tepper Jackson, Pendergrass, Bedhead, 12 Monkeys, Sunny Sweets and so many more of those wonderful brands offer cloth or leather cosmetic bags in so many different styles, that we would never be able to write enough about. Lets give you time to make those purchases we have been delaying for long. Get set to travel with the lovely cosmetic bags!

Kids Holidays Pajamas Now Available at the Pajamas Store,

October 3rd 2011, Kentucky

Kids holidays and Christmas pajamas are now available for purchase at the pajamas and sleepwear store, ( The pajamas store has recently upgraded its kids sleepwear inventory and is offering special patterns, designs and prints for the coming holiday and Christmas season. Kids pajamas at can be viewed at:

The extensive collection of kids sleepwear at the Pjs store includes top kids pajama brands such as SleepyHeads, PJ Salvage, Hatley pajamas, Big Feet and more. Kids pajamas are available for boys, girls and infants. Buyers can even choose from a huge collection of toddler sleepwear and a wide line of kids footed pajamas. Offering a great variety in terms of style, comfort and designs the kids sleepwear collection at is an extensive one.

The newly added kids holiday sleepwear and Christmas pajamas are just in time for the holiday season and is sure going to be a hit with the parents this season. Remarking at the inclusion of kids holiday sleepwear in the inventory, Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from commented, “A holiday without holiday pajamas for a kid is like Halloween without the trick-o-treat, just not fun enough! And as always, this time around too, we just had to bring you the cutest Kids pajamas there are! Made from flame-resistant and the softest fabrics, kids Pjs available with us are simply not-to-be-missed. Dress up your kids in the best holiday sleepwear by the best pajama labels and see how cuteness and comfort rules.”

Adding further, Ms. Briscoe also said, “The kids pajamas we have assorted are perfect for the rising chill in the air. You can shop footed pajamas, toddler sleepwear made from flannel and fleece and others to stock up when the temperature goes down a bit too much. Our infant sleepwear will keep the little ones cozied up and the toddler sleepwear is versatile enough to facilitate the toddler’s activities and restlessness. Purchase your favorite holiday designs and Christmas patterns  – we’ve got a huge range – from snowflakes, polar bears, Christmas, penguins to camouflage, leopard and other popular prints on the kids pjs – to make them look their perfect for the holidays. Hurry, with such a collection of kids Pjs on display, the inventory may just run out sooner than you think.”

Kids pajamas and kids sleepwear can be purchased from:, pajamas store will soon be introducing special holiday/ Christmas discount offers on holiday sleepwear for both kids and adults.

About retails pajamas, loungewear and lingerie featuring high quality signature pajama brands such as Bedhead, Munki Munki, Frankie & Johnny etc. Sleepyheads pajamas line presents a wide collection of matching family pajamas. pajamas and accessories have been featured on numerous television shows and magazines like the Women’s World, Max Magazine, Glamour, Life & Style, Teen Vogue and others. The sleepwear store offers Free Shipping with discount coupon, ‘FREESHIP’ on orders of and above $79.

For Information, contact:

Jennifer Briscoe
1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #130
Erlanger, KY
Phone: 1-866-638-2172
Email: [email protected]

These delightful Totes are more than just Handbags!



Here’s the thing about Tote Bags. They date back to the 17th century coming from the word Tote which simply means, “to carry”. Yes, they are that old, and yet, they are hip, happening and found on everyone’s shoulder or hand today. What’s even better is that we have them available on our pajamas store for you to buy.

And not just one or two of them, we have aplenty! We have a collection of brands such as Life is Good and Lug Taxi who make them like no other. What, you may ask is so special about them? It may be the fact that these come in more designs and colors than you can imagine, or it may also be that you can buy them in leather as well as cloth. Or may be because of the beautiful and versatile designs that you may find them in. In fact Mimi the Sardine goes as far as making Hybrid cars, Ladybugs and Fleur like designs on them.

Totes The Way!

If all of these things are just ordinary for you, because you are a bridesmaid and you need to be looking your best, then the Mud Pie makes Bridesmaid Tote perhaps is what will do please you. What is that you said? You’re the maid of honor? How about the Mud Pie Maid of Honor Tote for you because it looks absolutely delicious!

We sure you know how we run against time to get you your accessories on time whether its your marriage, or its Christmas or its the holiday season but what if it’s your little girl that you need a tote for? Some of these Tote for school bag designs are sure make it into your kid’s wardrobe before you can say the word “SleepyHeads”. And yes, be on the lookout for what you buy, because some of those totes might actually be reversible and which means even more variety? So go ahead, take your pick!

Munki Munki Dandelions Knit Pajamas Set – The Very Very Fine Womens Pajamas Set

Munki Munki Dandelions Knit Pajama Set

Munki Munki Dandelions Knit Pajama Set

We all know the things that set a woman’s heart aflutter and all excited but there must be something  that gets her relaxed and calm down and feel absolutely at ease. Women pajamas come quite close to making women relax even more than the extra-ordinarily amazing spa massages and aroma-therapeutic essential oil baths.

We’ve got one such amazing delight from women’s favorite sleepwear and pajamas brand – Munki Munki which can really make the day’s end worth all that you’ve endured because you get to enjoy your leisure and lounging in the Dandelions Knit Pajamas for women. This vintage and classic womens Pjs features a lovely print and is offered in a beautiful shade of light and neutral tone.

Munki Munki pajamas are known for their wonderful use of colors and designs and those feminine favorite designs that women pride themselves for owning and wearing them.

What makes the Munki Munki Dandelions Knit Pajamas so good?

The Dandelions knit pajamas has the eponymous dandelion design which not only looks good but adds to the serenity you want to shun away all louder and stronger stimulus. Made of knit cotton modal fabric, the Munki Munki womens pajamas set is a cloudy comfy womens Pjs set.

Along with the soft fabric, the Munki Munki Dandelions knit pajamas set for women does not only offer fabulousness but also functionality. You can turn the pajamas pant into a capri with the help of adjustable straps. Plus the beautifully made Munki Munki pajamas set also features contrasting cuffs and is a classic button up.

Perfect when lounging around with the girlies or simply reading a book by yourself or sharing a cozy moment with your companion.

Drape it on and say hello to specialness for times you need it the most!

Look for more special womens pajamas at: Stocking up Amazing Pajamas for the Winter & Holidays!

Pajamas for All

Pajamas for All

Holidays and winters are such a happy time and the best they are going to be here anytime! You get to spend time with family/ friends; exchange gifts and of course wear your favorite pajamas and sleepwear and bid goodbye to the cares of the world.

Holiday cheer will be knocking at the door or sliding down your chimneys sooner than later and you’ve got to be fully prepared! At we have stocked a lot of pajamas and sleepwear goodies to see you through the 2011 wonderful and happy holiday season.

What’s already in?

Amazing women pajamas by most loved sleepwear labels such as Frankie & Johnny, Bedhead, SleepyHeads and others.

The ever-cuddilicious footed pajamas. The love of everyone in colder/ holiday season. Our line of footie Pjs is sure to make you snuggle more often and may even make you forget about the holiday shopping.

The cozy Longsleeve pajamas! Not-to-be-missed collection of stylish and super longsleeve fun pajamas. Sometimes more is good and the long sleeves will sure come to the rescue when the it gets cold.

Family Matching Pajamas – the official loungewear for holidays! When you are together, you gotta to dress alike too and our family matching inventory will dress you up perfectly in the reds and greens;

Awesomeness Awaited…

Christmas pajamas
, holiday sleepwear and holidays pajamas for women, men and the kids and so much more!

We will also be adding a lot more to the family matching pajamas stock.

There’s no option but to get hooked on to the pajamas store ( which knows how special Pjs are!

A Sleepshirt that Tickles the Damsel in you!

Karen Neuburger Sleepshirt

Karen Neuburger Sleepshirt

Are you looking for a sleepwear change? Sleepshirts are an amazing change from the usual boring pajamas. Since winters are around the corner, you may not be up to the idea. But the lovely Karen Neuburger Tickled Pink Long Sleeve Sleepshirt will make you think otherwise.

Comfort is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are looking forward to buy a sleepwear. That is how everyone shops for sleepwear and pajamas. But we know how boring can pajamas get for all days of the week. Slip into the very comfortable and airy Karen Neuburger sleepshirt and enjoy the lush of the fabric.

Designed using cotton and polyester, the sleepshirt by the leading pajama brand makes you feel wonderful. Apt for the months of Fall and oncoming winters, you can conveniently enjoy a chilly night in the embrace of the long sleeve sleepshirt. You can also wear the sleepwear around your house while cooking, watching television, spending time with your kids or just lounging around when you don’t have much to do.

Team up the Sleepshirt and add to the Comfort
The Karen Neuburger sleepshirt is warm and solves the purpose of a cozy sleepwear for winter months! What adds more to the comfort of the sleepshirt is the fact that you team it up with a pajama when the night gets really cold and use it as a long sleeve pajama shirt. The design of the sleepshirt will not be a sore to your eyes as it is a very sober all over print on plaid white nightshirt.

So, any more thoughts that still weighing on mind? Leave them all on a side and have a look at the amazing line of sleepshirts by Karen Neuburger. We have them all at!