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David & Goliath Lemons White Tank & Pant – Are you Spending Too Much Time at Home?

Spending time at home becomes wonderful especially when it’s after long that you’ve taken a break for yourself. You can make this wonderful time spent at home special and comfy by slipping into the very soft David & Goliath pajamas. David & Goliath Lemons White Tank & Pant is a loungewear that you can smilingly… Read More »

David & Goliath Pajamas – All About Prints & Patterns

David & Goliath pajamas and sleepwear available at SleepyHeads.com are all about exclusive prints and patterns. The popular pajama brand at the online pajama store offers amazing sleepwear that is worn and re-worn by pajama lovers. Pajamas and sleepwear by David & Goliath are made using 100% cotton. The skin friendly fabric not only makes… Read More »