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Holiday Special Silk Pajamas – Make Winters Luxurious!

Winters are months when you indulge yourself in luxurious fabrics and opulent apparel! Pajamas and sleepwear in silk fabric are truly luscious and make winters so cuddly. Silk pajamas and sleepwear at SleepyHeads.com by Carole Hochman, Toute la Nuit, Betsey Johnson, Mary Green and more are lusciously soft and pleasing. Silk is one fabric that… Read More »

Flannel Pajamas or Silk Satin Sleepwear – To Choose or not to Choose

It’s cold and the chill is is just about to reach the spine? What do you do? Go for the time tested and trusted warm flannel pajamas or take the glamor route comfort with silk satin sleepwear? For many the choice is obviously dependent on the availability. However, the real crisis arises when the choice… Read More »